Superintendent Diana Mitchell scored a big win with parents and other Plainfield residents when she added an SAT prep course to the high school curriculum.

The lack of such a course came to Dr. Mitchell’s attention just a few short weeks ago through board of education member Carmencita Pile. Ms. Pile learned from resident Farah Pidgeon just how difficult it is to achieve scores that best reflect students’ knowledge when they have no easy access to test-taking strategies or practice-testing sessions.

After Ms. Pile raised her concern with the superintendent, Dr. Mitchell quickly requested that school administrator Arcelius Brickhouse add the course to the curriculum. This year students may take the course after school, and next year it will be officially included in the curriculum.

Thank you to all – Ms. Pidgeon, Ms. Pile, Dr. Mitchell, and Mr. Brickhouse – for responding quickly and decisively to a resident’s concern. Your actions now greatly increase the probability that our students’ scores will much better reflect their command of a subject.