Dear Editor,

This is my second letter regarding the Plainfield Board of Education election on November 5.  My wife, a scientist and teacher, and I, a retired scientist and Fortune 500 manager, are passionate about the power and value of education and feel compelled to voice our concerns in this election.

Earlier this week in our mailbox we received a postcard from the column 3 candidates (Cassett-Denny, Hembree, and DeLeon).  The address side of the card is nothing extraordinary. 

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However, on the other side of the card, these candidates claim that a minority of board members (Carmencita Pile and Lynn Anderson-Person) should be held accountable for failing schools, budget shortfalls, and lack of a permanent superintendent, among other things.

These claims are absurd. The board could never have been “under” Pile and Anderson-Person because these two didn’t have the votes; Pile and Anderson-Person are in the minority and have consistently voted FOR and not against qualified superintendents and policies that benefit our children.

But board members who support the column 3 candidates DID have the votes. It is this majority (or their surrogates) who have led our district downhill for the past 15 years, from bad to next to worst.

So are Cassett-Denny, Hembree, and DeLeon simply uninformed? Or are they aware of the board’s voting record going back many years and are purposely misleading voters?

At the October 30th candidates’ forum (to be held at the duCret School of Art), the column 3 candidates can explain their unfounded accusations.  Will they be there?  We shall see. I know that Pile and Anderson-Person will attend, along with their column 1 running mate Mack Rice. It will be interesting to see how the column 3 candidates defend their false claims.