Five Questions with... William H. Michelson
Current Occupation: Attorney (office based in Fanwood, NJ)
Education: J.D. and M.A. (Urban Planning), University of Iowa (1979).  A.B., Rutgers Univ. (1975)
Years Lived in Union County: 29 years

Why are you running for NJ General Assembly?

To attack the problems that have made life in New Jersey so expensive and unpleasant that people have been leaving in droves.  Some of this is budgetary, but it involves many other needed reforms.

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What are the most important issues in the 22nd District right now?

Property tax relief – I want to cut the average taxpayer’s burden in half.  And to restore a full-service Muhlenberg Hospital in Plainfield, along with legislative reform that would alleviate the factors that caused it (and several other N.J. hospitals) to close in the first place, so it won’t happen again.

What would be at the top of your legislative agenda during 2016?

Stop “double dipping” and “golden parachutes” and go after those who have already received money that should not have been given to them, where possible, and where it cannot, to go after lawyers or other professionals that let it happen.

Tell us about your non-government career.

I’m an attorney who has had his own practice in Fanwood since 1994.  I am also an urban planner which forms the core of my civic and political life.  I’ve served on Planning Boards and similar for about 20 years and am currently Chairman of the Plainfield Historic Preservation Commission.

What should people know about you that they might not know already?   

I have been a prominent member of Plainfield’s LGBT community for almost 30 years.  It would be the first time one of this community got to represent it in Trenton.  I would be only the third openly gay Assemblyman, and the first who is a Republican.