Dear Editor,

As four-year residents of Plainfield, my wife and I have been pleasantly surprised by the lively, diverse community that flourishes here. The downtown bustles with activity, businesses are moving in, and there are events to attend every week.

A fly exists in the ointment, however — the public schools. You hear people say it all the time: “I would think about moving to Plainfield, but I can’t send my kids to school there.”

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It is time for reform.

The school board election on November 5 gives us an opportunity to do that.

We have gotten to know personally three of the candidates — Carmencita Pile, Lynn Anderson-Person, and Mack Rice — and believe they have a future-oriented understanding of what the public schools need. Carmencita and Lynn have served one term on the board, and Mack is running for the first time. It is paramount that these three positions be occupied by reformers, not loyalists to the old guard.

All three candidates have pledged to do what they can to improve the schools for our children. They have said they want to work with their fellow board members on developing a strategic plan to reach solutions to the district’s many challenges. They have talked about supporting the new superintendent in her efforts to improve the curriculum and the quality of the teaching staff. This is the kind of forward thinking we need now in Plainfield.