PLAINFIELD, NJ - Plainfield City Administrator Rick Smiley has been let go.  According to an email to staff from Director of Communications Jazz Clayton-Hunt on Thursday, effective Jan. 31, Carlos N. Sanchez is the Acting Business Administrator for the City of Plainfield.

Councilwoman Rebecca Williams told TAPinto Plainfield, "Rick Smiley is one of the finest public servants I know, with 30 years of experience in municipal government. I don't know where our city would have been without someone of Rick's caliber handling the day-to-day operations of the city. He has been an outstanding member of the administration, and was extremely successful in getting the mayor's entire agenda passed, even when faced, as he was, with a council majority that didn't always see eye to eye. He has successfully negotiated all of our collective bargaining agreements--not an easy task, but one which Rick handled with great alacrity and skill. He deserves a lot of the credit for the successful renaissance that Plainfield has seen over the past four years. Rick is an exceptional public servant--there is none better."

The announcement comes just days after John Stewart, Jr. resigned as Chief of Staff.

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