PLAINFIELD, NJ - Local grassroots organization PRAAR, or Plainfield Residents' Association for Animal Rescue, reminds pet owners to bring furry friends inside during extreme heat.

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As temperatures rise, responsibilities do too ... and so do consequences.

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The law:  Plainfield animals CANNOT be left outside and unattended for longer than 1/2 hour, regardless of the outside enclosure, once the temperature is above 85° F.

If your pet is outside for longer than half an hour once temperatures are above 85° F, you are breaking the law in Plainfield. You are also facing the potential of immediate seizure of your pet, impounding fees, forfeiture, and fines of up to $1000 per day. So PLEASE, bring them in, and avoid the penalties.

As for other towns in New Jersey, please see this handy guidepdf.

If you suspect that a pet has been left outside for longer than 1/2 hour, please immediately call the Plainfield Police Department's non-emergency number of 908-753-3360, and REPORT it. Ask that the information also be given to the "HLEO" - the Humane Law Enforcement Officer. Provide the information you have. What you witnessed, when you witnessed it, and any supporting evidence. Take pictures and videos. Also document when and who you spoke to.

If you believe your concerns are not being properly addressed, please contact us immediately at 973-868-5939, and we will forward your concerns to the proper authorities.

Specifically, the Plainfield ordinance provides:

Sec. 5:7-6B. Restrictions on leaving animals outdoors.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to leave any animal outdoors and unattended for a continuous period of time greater than one-half (1/2) hour if the National Weather Service has issued a weather alert or storm warning, or if the temperature during such period is either below 32° F or above 85° F. The animal shall be considered outside regardless of access to an outdoor doghouse or similar structure.

(b) No animal shall be left outside during snow storms, ice storms or thunderstorms.

Sec. 5:7-13A. Enforcement.

(d) During extreme weather conditions wherein the National Weather Service has issued a severe weather alert or storm warning, or if the temperature during such period is either below 32° F or above 85° F, any animal found to be subject of a violation of this Chapter shall be immediately seized by any Officer or Agent authorized or empowered to enforce and perform any duty under this Chapter, and impounded at the owner's expense until such time that appropriate shelter in compliance with this Chapter can be provided, but for no more than fourteen (14) days. If appropriate shelter in compliance with the Chapter cannot be provided after fourteen (14) days by the owner, the seized animal shall be made available for adoption.

(e) During extreme weather conditions as described in Subsection (d), the 24 hour notice provision in Subsection (c) shall be waived, allowing for immediate seizure of the animal, if the owner is not available or not on premises and able to immediately bring the violation into compliance.

Sec. 5:7-13C. Penalties.

(a) The owner of a seized animal pursuant to Section 5:7-13A who is found by clear and convincing evidence to have violated this Article, or any rule or regulation adopted pursuant thereto, or to have failed to comply with a Court's order shall be subject to a fine of not less than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) nor more than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) per day of the violation, and each day's continuance of the violation shall constitute a separate and distinct violation.

It's the law. It's the humane thing to do. If you need help bringing them in, let us know at - that's why we're here. Neighbors helping Neighbors.