The Plainfield Policemen’s Benevolent Association is aware that these are tense times within our Country and in our City. Recently, a video surfaced on social media depicting the arrest of a city resident. As required, the matter was forwarded to the Union County Prosecutor’s Office for a complete and thorough investigation.  We ask the public to hold their judgement while the investigation is conducted. In accordance with departmental policies, the three officers involved in this incident were equipped with body cameras that were activated, which will depict the incidentpdf in full. We are confident the review by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office will support the actions of our officers.

We are aware of social media expressing discontent and harm against the officers involved. These are already tense times, and we are encouraging the public to not feed into the social media frenzy as the investigation proceeds. We do hear the outcry of our public calling for police reform and accountability. We support our Plainfield Community as they cry for help to the politicians of this Country!

As police officers, we did not choose this profession to harm people or hold them back. We also understand for the majority of good officers across the Country, there are bad, who represent us as a whole. We do not believe that we have these issues between our community and our police department. We are always receptive to conversations with our community for positive and negative feedback. We chose this profession to help people regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and so on. We are here to lift people up when they are down.

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As we move forward, we are hoping the Plainfield Community will lean on their Plainfield Police Department for the support as they do every day. We are in this together and together it is our City to represent, protect and build, not destroy.

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We support the right to peacefully assemble, march and protest. As a police agency, we will protect and support your rights to express your grievances to Government. We will be there with you and know that your message will be heard.

In closing, we know that the Plainfield community is strong and proud and that together they will represent the City they love proudly as they demand equality and the stop of injustice!

Thank you,

Carlos Gonzalez

Plainfield PBA Local #19 President