PLAINFIELD, NJ - Applicant 1014 South Avenue, LLC will be back in front of Plainfield's Zoning Board on Wednesday, Dec. 4 to discuss the construction of two multi-family mixed-use structures at South and Woodland avenues, according to a published legal notice.  The plans require a number of variances. 

The applicant first met with board members in April, and unveiled details about its development project consisting of two sites near the Netherwood train station.  According to the current legal notice, there will be a total of 44 dwelling units, and 50 parking spaces.

The larger building will face South Ave.  It will contain 1,800-square-feet of retail space on the ground level, an enclosed parking garage on the ground level, 42 residential apartments (34 one-bedroom; 8 two-bedroom), and rooftop amenities. There will be 48 on-site parking spaces, 12 located in the parking garage, and 36 spaces in the surface parking lot.

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The retail component will face South Ave. and no dwelling units are proposed for the first floor.  The apartments will be on the second through fifth floors:

  • Second floor:  10 units (8 1-BR, and 2 2-BR)
  • Third floor:  11 units (8 1-BR, and 3 2-BR)
  • Fourth floor:  11 units (8 1-BR, and 3 2-BR)
  • Fifth floor:  10 units, all 1-BR

The smaller adjacent building will be a 2.5-story structure that would face Woodland Ave., and include two residential apartment units and 800-square-feet of office space.  Two parking spaces will be available.

Adrian Melia, an architect from Minervini Vandermark Melia Kelly, commented at the April meeting, saying the design is based on a live/work model that encourages a professional living and working in the same vicinity.  He added that the intent of the style is to replicate a colonial style house that is prevalent throughout Plainfield.

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ARCHIVESumo Grand Opening Held

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 4 in the library at City Hall, 515 Watchung Ave. at 7 p.m.  The public is welcome to attend and will have an opportunity to speak.

Read the full legal notice:

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING CITY OF PLAINFIELD ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on Wednesday, December 4, 2019, at 7:00 PM in the City Hall Library Meeting Room (1st floor), 515 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey, the Zoning Board of Adjustment of the City of Plainfield will hold a PUBLIC HEARING on the Application submitted by the Applicant, 1014 South Avenue, LLC (the "Applicant"), for the properties located at 1008-1014 South Avenue and 511-517 Woodland Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey and designated as Block 622, Lots 2 and 17 on the Tax Maps of the City of Plainfield (collectively referenced as the "Property" or the "Site"). 

Lot 2 is situated within the Transit Oriented Development - Netherwood ("TODN") / Trainside Commercial ("TSC") Zoning District and is owned by Dominic B. and Shirley Ann Fontana. Lot 2 is currently improved with a 2 1/2 story, 1-family dwelling and associated garage structures.

Lot 17 is situated within the TODN / Professional Office 2 ("PO-2") Zoning District and is owned by Raffaela Zarra. Lot 17 is currently improved with a 2 1/2 story, 2-family dwelling and associated masonry garage structure. The Applicant proposes to demolish the existing improvements on Lot 2 to make way for the construction of a 5-story, mixed-use (commercial and multi-family residential) building, which will face South Avenue. The proposed mixed-use building will contain 1,800 square feet of retail space on the first floor, 42 apartment dwelling units on the second through fifth floors (First Floor: no dwelling units proposed; Second Floor: 10 units (8 1-bedroom, 2 2-bedroom); Third Floor: 11 units (8 1-bedroom, 3 2-bedroom); Fourth Floor: 11 units (8 1-bedroom, 3 2-bedroom); Fifth Floor: 10 units (10 1-bedroom)), building amenities and a total of 48 on-site parking spaces (12-space parking garage and a 36-space surface parking lot).

The existing 2-family dwelling on Lot 17, which faces Woodland Avenue, will be retained and renovated by the Applicant and will consist of 2 dwelling units. Lot 17 will provide 2 on-site parking spaces.

A total of 44 dwelling units are proposed on the Site. A total of 50 parking spaces are proposed on the Site. As part of the Application, the Applicant also seeks an easement for the benefit of Lot 2 across Lot 17 to provide fire department access to Lot 2. The Application requires the following Preliminary and Final Site Plan, D(5) Density Variance, Bulk Variances, Parking Variances, Landscape Variances, Variances for Buffering, Sign Variances and Design Waivers approvals: Site Plan: Demolition of the existing improvements on Lot 2 and the construction of a 5-story, mixed use building as described above. Renovation of the existing 2-family dwelling on Lot 17 as described above; D(5) Density Variance: Maximum of 40 units per acre are permitted in the TODN / TSC Zone and a density of 45.6 units per acre is proposed on Lot 2.; Bulk Variances: Lot 2 -TODN / TSC Zone: Minimum Rear Yard Setback: 75 feet required, 35 feet proposed; Maximum Number of Building Stories: 4 stories permitted, 5 stories proposed; Lot 17 TODN / P0-2 Zone: Minimum Lot Width: 80 feet required, 75.16 feet existing and proposed; Minimum Lot Frontage: 80 feet required, 75.16 feet existing and proposed; Maximum Percent Total Lot Coverage, 40% permitted, 65.04% proposed; Rear Setback and Side Setback for Accessory Use, 3 feet required, 1.45 feet existing and proposed at rear yard and 1.85 feet existing and proposed at side yard. Further, the Applicant requests the following variances, Section 17:9-49C

(Shade Trees): Shade trees required at 40 feet intervals 3.5 feet inside sidewalk, 3 required along Woodland Ave and 4 required along South Avenue, existing sidewalk on Woodland Avenue not appropriate for shade trees, 2 proposed along South avenue; Section 17-9:24B

(Buffers): 5 feet required between residential uses, 3 feet proposed; Section 17:9-24C

(Buffers): 5 foot buffer required around all sides of parking lot, buffer to be 10 feet when adjacent to residential use, 8 feet proposed buffer to adjacent residential use; Section 17:9-42D

(Parking Space): Minimum setbacks for building from driveways and parking areas within the site shall be 5 feet, 0 feet setback to proposed fire lane; Section 17:9-42A

(Driveway): Lot 2 no non-residential driveway within 10 feet of residential use, proposed emergency driveway is 3 feet from adjacent property line, Lot 17 no residential driveway shall be less than 2 feet from property line, 0 feet existing and proposed; Section 17:9-43B Parking Lot Landscaping: 5% of interior area of parking lot shall be provided with planting islands and 1 deciduous tree for every five spaces, 10 trees required, condition not met; Section 17:9-43B2

(Parking Lot Landscaping): No more than eight parking spaces shall be in one row of parking without an intervening landscape island, this condition is not met; Section17:9-52B6: All ground floors of mixed-use buildings in the TODN / TSC Zone shall have 50% of the rear first floor area consist of private, indoor building amenities and common space for residents, parking is provided at rear of the proposed first floor; Section 17:9-51

(Signs): One wall sign per business permitted, three proposed; Design Waivers from the following requirements: Section 17:11-13C

(Loading Areas), Loading areas shall measure at least 10 feet wide by 45 feet long, proposed is 17 feet 8 inches wide by 28 feet long; Section 17:11-7B

(Massing): Projections and recesses required for building wall greater than 50 feet in length, this standard is not met; Section 17:11-8

(Architectural Design): no more than 75% of total of number of dwelling units to have same number of bedrooms, 81% one bedroom proposed; Section 17:11-8

(Architectural Design): Each unit to have 350 square feet of storage space, this requirement is not met; Section 17:11-27A2

(Open Space): 64 square feet for each dwelling unit totaling 2,688, no open space proposed; Section 17:11-28

(Streetscape Design Standards), The public-right-of way frontage of all properties within the TODN Zones shall be improved in accordance with the Streetscape Design Manual. Proposed improvements on South Avenue are consistent with the Streetscape Design Manual but the Woodland portion of the Property does not have the required width to comply; Section 17:11-11

(Landscaping): Landscape plan to be submitted by a New Jersey certified Landscape Architect, this condition is not met; and for such other variances, relief, deviations and/or waivers that may be required upon an analysis of the plans and testimony at the PUBLIC HEARING on the Application submitted by the Applicant, 1014 South Avenue, LLC.

When the case is called you may appear either in person or by agent or attorney and present any objections which you may have to the granting of this Application. A copy of the Application materials and plans are on file and available for PUBLIC INSPECTION at the Division of Planning Office located at 515 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey 07060, during that Office's normal business hours. STEPHEN F. HEHL, ESQ. Attorney for the Applicant ($100.62)