PLAINFIELD, NJ - According to a published legal notice, Plainfield's Planning Board will hold a public hearing to consider designating properties near City Hall as a condemnation area in need of redevelopment that would allow the municipal government to seize private properties via eminent domain. 

If the recommendation is made, the City Council would then consider designating the study area as an area in need of redevelopment by resolution.

Economic Development Director Valerie Jackson explained the area includes over 120 properties at the August 12 City Council meeting.  She said the study would propose the separation of the properties so the Council would have the authority to condemn, if necessary, in order to facilitate development of smaller parcels into larger projects in the downtown area, and to help prospective developers assemble the parcels.

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The building where the Plainfield YMCA was formerly located is currently a part of the area being considered in the study.  However, according to resident Nancy Piwowar, the YMCA building is on the National Register of Historic Places, and it would be extremely costly to the city if condemnation was pursued.

The Planning Board will meet on Thursday, September 5 at 7:30 p.m. in the library at City Hall, 515 Watchung Avenue.  All residents are welcome to attend and speak on the matter.

Read the full notice:

PLANNING BOARD OF THE CITY OF PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY PUBLIC HEARING ON A CONDEMNATION AREA IN NEED OF REDEVELOPMENT INVESTIGATION PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on September 5, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. at the Plainfield City Hall Library, 515 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey, the City Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing to consider whether to recommend to the City Council that all or a portion of the following properties (collectively, the "Study Area") should be designated as a Condemnation Area in Need of Redevelopment, in accordance with the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law, N.J.S.A. 40A:12A-1 et seq. (the "Redevelopment Law") which authorizes municipal governing bodies to designate certain areas of the municipality as being in need of redevelopment.

Block Lot Location 835 4 512-24 Watchung Ave 835 5 130-40 E 5th St 836 1 400-04 Watchung Ave 836 9 143-45 E 5th St 836 10 139-41 E 5th St 836 11 131-37 E 5th St 836 12 421-23 Cleveland Ave 836 13 417-19 Cleveland Ave 836 14 413-15 Cleveland Ave 836 17 140-44 E 4th St 836 18 146-48 E 4th St 839 1 400-10 Cleveland Ave 839 2 412-14 Cleveland Ave 839 3 416-18 Cleveland Ave 839 4 123-29 E 5th St 839 5 119-21 E 5th St 839 6 115-17 E 5th St 839 7 111-13 E 5th St 839 8 107-09 E 5th St 839 11 425-29 Park Ave 839 12 419-23 Park Ave 839 13 413-17 Park Ave 839 15 405-07 Park Ave 839 16 401-03 Park Ave 839 19 120-22 E 4th St 839 20 124-28 E 4th St 840 1 306-12 Watchung Ave 840 4 153 E 4th St 840 9 337-41 Park Ave 840 10 331-35 Park Ave 840 11 329 Park Ave 840 12 325-27 Park Ave 840 14 116-24 Depot Park 840 15.01 307-13 Park Avenue

You have a right to be heard at the public hearing. Any interested party may appear at the public hearing and participate in the public hearing, in accordance with the rules of the Planning Board. The resolution of the City Council authorizing and directing the Planning Board to undertake this investigation, the area in need of redevelopment investigation report prepared by Nishuane Group and a map depicting the boundaries of the Study Area are on file with the City Clerk, and all are available for inspection during normal business hours. Once the Planning Board has made its recommendation, the City Council will consider whether to designate the Study Area, or a portion thereof, as an area in need of redevelopment by resolution pursuant to the Redevelopment Law.

Such a determination shall operate as a finding of public purpose but shall authorize the municipality to exercise the power of eminent domain to acquire property in the delineated Study Area. A redevelopment area so designated shall be referred to as a "Condemnation Redevelopment Area." Published by: THE PLANNING BOARD OF THE CITY OF PLAINFIELD ($130.72)