PLAINFIELD, NJ - Plainfield's Planning Board will hear from an applicant who is seeking site plan approval and relief from zoning ordinance requirements for a property in the Van Wyck Brooks Historic District on Thursday, August 1.

The application was submitted by Joshwa Money School, LLC of New Providence to develop the Coriell Mansion property at 957-63 Central Avenue as a bed & breakfast.  The Joshwa Money School, LLC purchased the property for $85,000 in May 2013.

In a VIMEO video posted six years ago, Jonathan Steingraber of the Joshwa Money School said the home, built in 1880, has 26 rooms and 10 bedrooms. 

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Plaintalker II's Bernice Paglia detailed meetings Steingraber and the Joshwa Money School had with the Historic Preservation Commission in July 2013, and again in April 2017 "when rumors that he intends to lease the mansion for some sort of rooming or boarding house" swirled.

Steingraber, according to his LinkedIn profile, is the COO & President of Signature Realty NJ in Springfield.  In July 2018, a Zillow listing for the Central Avenue property by Signature Realty NJ noted 13 beds, 7.5 baths, and 15,000 square feet for sale at $999,900; in December 2018 the listing was removed.

The Planning Board meets at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall Library, 515 Watchung Avenue.  Download agendas and see the meeting schedule here.

Read the full legal notice:

CITY OF PLAINFIELD NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING In accordance with the ordinances of the City of Plainfield, and the statutes of the State of New Jersey, NOTICE is hereby served upon you that an application for development (No. PB 2019-6) to be located in the VWB-1 Van Wyck Brooks Historic District on the premises known as 957-63 Central Avenue, Block 759 Lot No. 13 has been submitted by Joshwa Money School, LLC of 1253 Springfield Avenue, Suite 358, New Providence, N.J. 07974. The development is located within 200 feet of property owned by you and involves the request to use the property as a bed & breakfast. The application requires the granting of preliminary and final site plan approval and relief from requirements of the Plainfield zoning ordinance as follows:

(a) Maximum lot coverage (improvements) permitted 25%, Maximum lot coverage (improvements) proposed 50.2%

(b) No non-residential driveway shall be located within 10 feet of an existing residential property nor within 5 feet of any other property line. The proposed driveway is to be located 1.4 feet from the property line.

(c) The minimum setback from driveways and parking areas shall be 5 feet. The proposed driveway is 4.04 feet from the dwelling.

(d) A parking lot shall be located to the rear of a building and/or interior of the site. Parking lots shall be prohibited in any required side yard setback area or front yard. The proposed parking area is located within the required side yard setback.

(e) All driveways and parking areas shall be constructed of a durable and dustless asphalt or cement surface material. The proposed driveway and parking area is to be gravel.

(f) Driveway width for two-way traffic shall be 22 feet. The proposed driveway width is 17 feet.

(g) The required aisle width for 90 degree (perpendicular parking) is 24 feet. The proposed parking lot provides 22 feet for the handicapped accessible parking space.

(h) Decorative lampposts shall be 10-12 feet high. The existing on-site decorative lampposts are 8 feet high (existing non-conformity).

(i) Parking - Required 16 spaces. Provided 13 spaces.

Variances, waivers or exceptions may be sought for certain site plan details which are set forth on the Application and such other site plan details or relief as may be appropriate. The Planning Board will conduct a public hearing on this matter on August 1, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall Library, City Hall, 515 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey. Any person or persons affected by this application will have an opportunity to present any objections you may have to the proposed development. The Board, does however, have the right to exclude repetitious testimony. All documents relating to this application may be inspected by the public, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. at the Division of Planning, second floor, 515 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey. Schiller Pittenger & Galvin, P.C. Attorneys for Applicant ($47.30)