Aparna Parthasarathy is a junior at South Brunswick High School. Her book Tales of the Invisible tells the stories of four women, across countries, oceans and years. They are united by the oppression they are forced to endure. Each story follows the harrowing experiences of women in patriarchal societies...societies determined to control them.

Sagnika, a teenager in Nepal, must learn to navigate her town and her dreams after a natural disaster. Dayana, a child in Peru, watches her mother sacrifice her own interests to support her family. In Mali, a storyteller uses her power to influence the children of her village. Kesi is a young woman living in the Democratic Republic of Congo during World War II, experiencing the startling changes the war has on her life.

As these women maneuver through the hardships in their lives, they are forced to face their personal demons. They are constantly presented with the choice of succumbing to expectations or fighting for their survival. 

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Will they succumb to the pressures placed upon them since birth? Or will they fight for their right to live, to speak, to dream? Tales of the Invisible presents snapshots from women's lives around the world to showcase how their struggles are at the center of bringing about change.

Aparna is a Presidential Volunteer Service Award Winner and passionate about political science and government. She currently serves with assemblymen and women, state senators and congressmen and is passionate about remedying structural inequalities, closing educational gaps, representing Generation Z’s values to shape legislation with elected officials, and informing our generation on the policies that affect us and our future. 

Aparna's book is currently available on Amazon and hard copies expected in 2-3 weeks at retail book stores.