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JaZams Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary -- As Well As Its Own Happy Ever After Story

October 1, 2021

Once upon a time in the not so far away land of Princeton, a Lambertville-based massage therapist, who actually wanted to be a teacher and who had a passion for children’s books, met her prince charming -- a farmer from Hopewell. He had a passion for growing a variety of New Jersey fruits and veggies and getting things done on time, particularly getting crops to market in an efficient ...

Mercer County to Host Webinars on Government Contracting for Businesses

Are you a business owner interested in obtain government contracting opportunities? Mercer County Small Business Outreach is co-hosting the Collaborative Exchange Webinar Series designed to help businesses grow their opportunities in government contracting.

The first session, "Doing Business with the State of New Jersey," will include a presentation by Hester Agudosi, chief ...

Biotech Firm Leases 2,600 Feet at 90 Nassau Street

Urban planners and analysts are still debating whether the commercial real estate market is going to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath. After working from home for so many months, will companies and their employees choose to adopt a new workstyle, with less commuting from home to office, fewer in-person meetings, and a reduced demand for office space in cities and suburban ...

Now Get Pampered, as Well as Fed, on 'Spoon Street

While we have nicknamed the lower end of Witherspoon Street, “ ‘Spoon Street,” for all its dining diversity, the neighborhood has much more to offer than fabulous food. Studio ONE60, a sleek hair and nail salon, opened a little over a month ago, offering a whole new level of pampering. Located in the heart of the burgeoning business hub that boasts high end clothing, sporting ...

As Some Vacancies Get Filled, Merchants to Meet Thursday, August 5

The dog days of summer aren’t supposed to be the height of retail, but there does seem to be some buzz in the air at various Princeton storefronts.

A new salon has opened at the former site of Grit and Polish Nail Salon at 160 Witherspoon Street. It’s called, appropriately, One60. Copper River hair studio, which had seemingly vanished from its space on Moore Street, has surfaced on ...

What’s On TAP at Warby Parker

When you first walk into this new shop at 46 Nassau Street you might feel like a kid in the candy store. The newest brick and mortar outlet for Warby Parker, the nationally known eyewear brand, is a veritable candy shoppe of frames and styles. Even the bright décor is a welcoming burst of color, from the original mural to the rainbow of books that line the walls. The intentional ...

Loose Ends: Greg Olsen Reflects on 'Travels in the Sky'

Both are rich, both are private industry entrepreneurs, both have a passion for physics and engineering, both paid for their own a flight to space, both exhibited unmitigated exuberance over the space experience, and both have a Princeton connection.

But the differences between their endeavors are figuratively light years apart, in actuality only 16 years apart.

Wearing a cowboy hat, Amazon ...

In Commercial Real Estate, a Sign of Post-Covid Life

Now that almost every white collar worker in the world has figured out that they can do at least some portion of their job without ever getting out of their pajamas, let alone commuting into work, the commercial real estate market is trying to figure out what is going to happen to all those empty offices, especially those with leases about to expire.

Opinions about whether traditional office ...


TAP Into Another Town's News:

TAP Into Another Town's News:

Email is Key to News Publishers Clawing Back Advertising Dollars from Social Media

Many news publishers are struggling to produce enough advertising dollars to be sustainable, with many now erecting paywalls or going the non-profit route to attempt to stay in business. However, publications would be wise to think about what advantages that they can bring to a potential advertiser that social media cannot offer. One such tool is email.

Any publisher who has stayed on top of ...

How a Change of Plan Led TAPinto's Newest Franchisee to Stay in Princeton

PRINCETON, NJ -- Richard Rein had a 4-month plan.  He was going to work with a Princeton University professor, who was teaching a class on expository writing.  After that, head north.

“My original plan was to move to New York City where the action was,” Rein said.

That was nearly 4 decades ago.  He never left.

Today, Rein is still in ...

How Content Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - You already have a fancy website your customers use.  It's a crucial aspect of building your business.  But alone, it likely won't be enough to get the job done.  Business owners need to invest in content marketing.

Think of it like this: the owner of a pizza restaurant writes a column on rolling pizza dough.  The brewmaster of a popular ...

Steps to Minimize Your Chances of Developing Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has affected millions of women worldwide, and chances are you or someone you know has been impacted by this disease.

Though there is no known way to prevent or cure breast cancer, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk, especially if you take action while you’re younger and healthier. Here is a list of things you can do and lifestyle changes that could reduce the ...

It’s Pumpkin Season! 5 Healthy Fall Recipes You’ll Love

Hello, pumpkin season!

Pumpkin is not only tasty, it’s also a superfood because it is high in Vitamins C and A, which help with eye health, boosting immunity, heart health, and more! Below is a list of five creative and tasty recipes that include this delicious and nutritional fall produce.

Pumpkin Muffin

Who doesn’t love a muffin on a crisp fall morning? These muffins are ...

How to Eat Mindfully (and Why It’s Important)

Everyone’s relationship with food is unique. Some people may love the act of cooking and eating a meal, some people may not know how to cook, and others may feel eating is just another item on their to-do list. Unfortunately, many of us tend to rush through our meals, often sitting in front of the TV or focusing on other things when eating, and that usually means we’re not really ...