RAHWAY, NJ - RSI Bank recently made a contribution to the Rahway Fire Department to aid in the purchase of new safety equipment. The purchase of Bailing Out - New Personal Escape Systems & Gear will be a lifesaving tool to have on hand when a firefighter must make a quick escape from a burning building. These state-of-the art escape systems were purchased for each of the department’s fifty (50) members.

Bailing out of a building is something that has to be done with as little thought as possible. Over the years, various methods have been tried, but it’s been a challenge to equip a firefighter with a safety mechanism that would not limit mobility.

The Sterling Rope Company, of Maine, is responsible for creating the Bailing Out system through extensive research and collaboration with veteran firefighters and instructors across the country. The System is an auto-locking descent control device that is built into the firefighting uniform. It is only six inches long and can be pre-rigged for fast deployment. To use the escape system, the firefighter pulls the tether and descender from his pocket and connects to an anchor. He then pulls the removable pocket, containing the rope, off the pants and is ready to bail out.

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Rahway firefighters also participated in the accompanying eight-hour training class, which consists of nine unique simulation bailouts from a 2nd story window. 

“With the number of four-story and taller buildings being erected in our town, this training has become essential for the safety of all our members,” said Rahway Fire Chief William R. Young, Jr.

Chris Horn, VP of Commercial Lending at RSI Bank added, “The dedication of our firefighters to keeping our community safe is something that we all admire. RSI Bank is happy to return the favor and help them stay safe while they do their jobs.”


RSI Bank

RSI Bank is an important resource to the local community, and has been since its incorporation in 1851. As New Jersey’s oldest mutual savings bank, RSI Bank has endured and even thrived during some of our country’s most challenging periods. Through it all, RSI Bank has maintained a well-earned reputation as a safe and trusted institution with “community” and “caring” at its core. RSI Bank customers have access to the company’s highly-rated Mobile Banking app, an easy-to-use Online Banking interface, a network of over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide, and local branches in Rahway, Colonia, and Woodbridge (anticipated opening in mid-2017).