My name is Christopher Smith, I'm a seventeen year old junior at Rahway High School. Some of my hobbies include singing, dancing, and acting. Outside of the arts, I enjoy participating in both community service and the National Honors Society.

Since my time here at Teenworks, I have encountered nothing but positive experiences. I enjoy the fact that I receive hands on working experience throughout the City of Rahway. Additionally, every Monday we have Jim Reno, our amazing life coach, come in and talk to us about setting and achieving our goals. 

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The Teenworks program, with the help from mentors like Joe Brown, has taught us about responsibility and how to work with others. Some lessons that I have learned in this short time is to take other people’s jobs into consideration and to not make their lives any more difficult than it needs to be. Teenworks has also taught me that my generation really needs to take care of our city if we want to see it thrive and continue to be successful. 

My peers and I are fortunate to be in a position where we are able to network and get to learn all these things about the work field at such a young age.



I’m Aja Alexander, a seventeen year old rising senior at Rahway High school. I enjoy drawing and running, however, my favorite enjoyments are reading and writing. I’m grateful to be able to write this article, because it has given not only a voice to me, but also to my eighteen Teenworks co-workers. 

The Teenworks program doesn't feel like a job, but more so a helping hand to the community. Being four weeks into the program, I have learned how different platforms come together to create unity amongst people.

Before the Teenworks program, I was never really interested in how a city operates. Now, I am easily bothered when I find discarded trash throughout the city. Being in this program, and learning from mentors like Jim Reno, has also helped me uncover my optimistic personality and drive for positivity in the world. Everything considered, the Teenworks program doesn't feel like just a job, but also a center to connect people to services for the greater good. I am grateful for this experience.