RAHWAY, NJ - Rahway High School Students visited City Hall on December 9, which was organized through Patricia Evanik, as a hands on method to teach her students about local government in their hometown. The students had the opportunity to meet with representatives from the departments in City Hall Plaza, which included police, zoning, building, health and the Mayor Samson  Steinman's Administrative personnel.

Each department spoke with the students about the importance of their education and how they attained their degrees, which are required, relevant and extremely beneficial to the position they currently hold. Students learned the importance of acquiring an educational skill to reach their employment goals and build real life experience. The departments shared their pathway on how they acquired such positions and how it works in the grand scheme of local government. For example, Jacqueline Foushee, the Director of Community Development has an engineering degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and stressed how math and science are used in her day-to-day roles and responsibilities of ensuring playgrounds and other areas around the city of safe.

Staff members used their position and broke it down to a relatable level for the students and provided them with a realistic view on how each department works together in local government. The students not only took away a valuable experience full of information on ins and outs of their hometown but also were given a bag full of Rahway branded gifts.