NEWARK, NJ - On August 26, Mayor Samson D. Steinman was a guest speaker for the ALL Politics ARE Local WNRU Radio Show at Rutgers University Newark. Mayor Samson discussed the governor's current decision to veto the New Jersey domestic violence gun bill again. He also touched on educational funding cut backs, current social issues and necessary reformative actions. The radio cast discussed Rahway Arts and the highly-attended Mayor's Concert Series held each year on every Thursday in the month of August.

The City of Rahway worked alongside with the Rahway Prevention Coalition to create a community mural, which was unveiled at the kickoff of the concert series. The community mural project represented a unity through the school system as the 7th and 8th Grade Rahway Academy's Society of Game Changers and Influencers were the students who developed the design of the mural with local art teacher, Jeff Drylewicz. The mural's purpose is to exhibit their anti-drug activities. The mural pieces were available for community participation to help paint  an everlasting piece of art. The art acts as a testament to the unity of community members have throughout the city.

Mayor Samson humbly applauded and thanked his internal staff and all of the City of Rahway first responders, fire department and police department for all of the hard work and dedication to making the City of Rahway run and feel like a united front.

A video of the interview can be seen here.