RAHWAY, NJ - The City of Rahway is excited to announce the business partnership brewing in its downtown. The partnership between The Irving Inn Social and Wet Ticket Brewing debuted on Tuesday with a special night for the community.

Just next door to The Irving Inn Wine House & Kitchen, owners Jesse Speno and Joanie Zyla, invite patrons to experience The Irving Inn Social, whose design is inspired by the classic rock period of the 1960's & 70's. Featuring a wide selection of bourbon, craft beers, unique cocktails, wine, and small plates, The Social offers guests a place to kick back and enjoy time amongst friends. Chef Lawrence Talis creates a unique bar menu featuring fresh ingredients that can please any palate. 

Owned by Tim Pewitt and Al Povalski, Wet Ticket Brewing recently opened its doors in Rahway. Tim is the head brewer and he brews all of their beers on site. These gentlemen understand the importance of local support. Buying local can mean many different things to people. For Wet Ticket, it means beer freshly crafted by the people in hope that the community will get to know the brewery. In a way, the interactions had with the people formulating and brewing Wet Ticket beer will shape who they are and what  they are all about. 

Together, these two are creating something special for all of you to enjoy. Every Tuesday, starting The Irving Inn and Wet Ticket partner together for a Craft Beer and Burger Night. On the menu includes two "Irving Classics" and three "Specialty Burgers," with the option to make it even better with three different options from Wet Ticket.