RANDOLPH, NJ- The 20th Randolph Film Festival featured a variety of outstanding student-made films this year .Families, teachers and friends came to the event on May 31 for screenings of all of the films featured in the festival. Many students entered their films and mass media teachers Robert Finning and Noah Galembo selected the best films nominated for the festival. Following the screenings, the 500 people in attendance enjoyed a buffet dinner donated by many Randolph's restaurants and parents.

“Over the Limit, ” which was directed by Ryan Daniel and won the award for Best of the Festival. “Over the Limit” is a drama that explained the story of a horrible car crash and the aftermath. The film won three awards throughout the night, including best actor (Jason Perniciaro), best editing  (Ryan Daniel), and best direction (Ryan Daniel).  The film also won the most prestigious award of the night, Best of the Festival. 

Mr. Galembo, a Mass Media and TV Production teacher at RHS, praised the film, saying, “One of my favorite films was ‘Over The Limit’ by Ryan Daniel and Jason Perniciaro. They put a lot of work into it, and it was very well shot… I think it was the complete package in what we were looking for in a student film.” 

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Other films that stood out include “A Sound of Thunder” by Jason Perniciaro, Katrina Arenas, and Tyler Stampone and “The Strange Tale of Henry Bale” by Jason Perniciaro, Ryan Daniel, Ryan Byrne, and Matthew Biehl.  “A Sound of Thunder” ended up winning best sci fi/horror for upperclassmen and best special effects, and “The Strange Tale of Henry Bale” won  best movie trailer and best comedy for upperclassmen.  The full list of award winners can be found below.

The films were made both inside and outside of school. Inside of school, many students made films as part of the mass media program. With the help of  Galembo and Finning’s masterful techniques being taught, students were able to produce unimaginable creations. Outside of school, many students spent spare time pursuing film making on their own just as something they loved and enjoyed doing, without teacher assistance.

Some of the equipment students used to produce these films included cameras, microphones, tripods, dollies, and green screen. Through the mass media and TV production program, students learned how to function the many different types of equipment effectively, and then apply these skills to their filmmaking.

The film festival was a hit with many students, as there was a large turnout from every grade. 

The students also thanked mass media teachers Robert Finning and Noah Galembo for planning the event as well as many parents and the parent group CAMERAS for their hard work.

Freshman Paul Trilling, who attended the festival, commented saying, “I had a good first experience here, and I probably would come again.”

Award Winners

Best PSA (Public Service Announcement)- Painkiller Abuse- Katie Sidebotham, Gianna Colatruglio, and Daniella Dasti

Best Commercial- Shoes- Jenna Doran, Lyana Costantino, Kristine Lynch, Kimi Raval

Best Documentary (Underclassmen)- Coach Suk- Corey Dalmedo, Dan Mambelli, and Justin Lambert

Best Documentary (Upperclassmen)- From Thailand to America- Katrina Arenas

Best Sci-Fi/Horror (Underclassmen)- The Watcher- Corey Dalmedo, Dan Mambelli, and Liam Klopper

Best Sci-Fi/Horror (Upperclassmen)- A Sound of Thunder- Jason Perniciaro, Katrina Arenas, and Tyler Stampone

Best Suspense- Good Bye- Jake Wichansky, Bryan Geiger, Holden Zuschlag, and Connor Kamp

Best Music Video- Scars to Your Beautiful- Katrina Arenas

Best Experimental- The Arrangement- Tyler Stampone

Best TV Segment- RAM TV: Behind the Scenes- Joe Aulenbach, Tyler Stampone, and Mark Lucivero

Best Movie Trailer- The Strange Tale of Henry Bale- Ryan Daniel

Best Actor- Jason Perniciaro- Over the Limit

Best Actress- Celine Pedalino- Enlevé

Best Use of Music- Jack- Ryan Daniel

Best Special Effects- A Sound of Thunder- Katrina Arenas

Best Editing- Over the Limit- Ryan Daniel

Best Original Screenplay- Who’s Bad?- Emma Q. Baxter

Best Cinematography- Ryan Byrne, Ryan Daniel- Over the Limit


Editor's Note: Griffin Rohr and Lucas Girardi are freshmant at RHS participating in the TAP into Randolph Journalism Program with Advisor Janice Finnell