Randolph NJ- On Monday evening, Randolph High School had a Night of Fashion in the commons. Talented students, grades 9-12, participated in the event. The advanced, honors, and basic fashion classes showed off their work by walking the runway and having their designs up on display. Parents and friends came to support all of the fashion students and models. Students who worked super hard throughout the year on these projects were able to show them off.

Basic Fashion Design teacher, Mrs. Ganung, commented, “I am very proud of the students. It takes a lot of courage to get up there and do what they had to do today. All of them were a little nervous, but they did do it. All of their hard work all year shows.”

The advanced and honors teacher, Mrs. Petrucelli agreed, “I am always very proud of my advanced and honors students. They put in a lot of time and a lot of effort.”

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The students worked hard all year, some even at home, to put together their incredible displays. Daria Mostek, a senior in the fashion program, created a unique piece, an LED light up cloud bag which took her a month. “I was working sometimes in class, but a lot of time over spring break.” Due to the complexity of her bag, she had to hand sew it because it was too thick to fit in the sewing machine. Her hard work really paid off, as the crowd was amazed by her work.

The fashion students were very proud of their own work. Alina Wolfenson, sophomore advanced fashion student said, “My favorite piece is the skirt I’m wearing, which is a tweed A-line skirt and it’s pink and black. I think it’s very Chanel, which is one of my biggest inspirations and it’s very classy.”

These very talented students had to start somewhere, the basics class. Ganung said about the basics class, “Sewing is a life skill. You need to learn those basic skills in order to function later on in life.” Petrucelli adds, “When you start we don’t expect you to know anything. We start at the very beginning.”

A current basic fashion design student, freshman Emily Peel, recommends the class. “I definitely learned a lot in the class and if you’re interested in fashion, it was a lot of fun.”

The fashion show is not only limited to the designers. Advanced and honors students had the opportunity to include their friends and family as models in this event. Olivia Cancilla, a freshman who modeled for designer, junior Rachel Tieman, said, “I enjoyed being part of the fashion show. I’d never done anything like this before… it’s definitely a good place to explore the fashion trends.”

The dedication of the talented young designers was evident to the viewers of the fashion show.  


Editor's Note: Sophie Difusco and Alexa Skrapits are freshman at Randolph High School participating in a journalism program with TAP into Randolph.