RANDOLPH, NJ-Randolph Special Services Supervisor Evy Falcon-Duran, who serves as the district's HIB administrator, welcomed Anti-Bullying Specialists and Anti-Bullying Coordinator Dr. Maryalice Thomas to a recent HIB meeting on Jan. 13 where the members reviewed HIB. Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying , data from a recent district and school grade report, analyzed the data and studied trends, identifying successes and making recommendations on how to improve our programs. In addition, the members discussed ways to enhance district communications as well as communication with district parents.

Interim Superintendent Jennifer Fano talked about ways to enhance communications for HIB by adding special HIB pages to the website and information to each school website page and increasing exposure to HIB preventative events through increased communication via the website, RTNJ News, social media and public relations efforts.

Fano also commended HIB staff for all of their hard work and their commitment to HIB prevention in the district. Several HIB staff members will also attend special training on an Update to NJ Anti-bullying Bill of Rights Act & Lawful Management of HIB Records on Feb. 5.

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At the BOE meeting on Tuesday night, BOE preseident Al Matos referred to a December TAP article where HIB reporting was discussed, www.tapinto.net/towns/randolph/articles/randolph-boe-parcc-presentation-superintendent. Jeffrey Braverman apologized for his comment Tuesday night, and Matos clarified that this article's statement does not reflect the board's opinion. 

Matos released the following statement Tuesday with regard to this.

"The public comments made by Mr. Braverman were his personal opinion at the meeting as is the case with any member’s discussion at these meetings.  I say this since I am encouraging our BOE public officials to have more debate and engagement at these meetings.  I do believe the media must challenge public officials when personal public comments are made to clarify these statements before making a conclusion.

No body of evidence exists to suggest that the Randolph School district HIB cases are being underreported.  The Randolph Board of Education does not believe that the low number of HIB cases is unsettling and inaccurate.  Furthermore, the Board has not judged the number of HIB cases to be low nor has the Board judged that the HIB cases as reported to the Board are inaccurate. 

As the newly elected president of the Board of Education, I apologize to the Randolph community that the statements made in this article are misleading and while we are always seeking improvements, we, as a board in full, are currently satisfied with the administration’s reporting of HIB cases.  We, however, need to better inform the school community of the laws of HIB and what the district can and cannot do and what are the privacy issues as defined by law.  We must also understand the difference between HIB cases under the law and our Code of Conduct infractions."