RANDOLPH, NJ- Each student at Shongum Elementary School cast his or her vote in a mock presidential election on Monday. The election results were announced at a special school assembly on Tuesday afternoon( by Uncle Sam), and the winner was Hillary Clinton.

“I am voting for Hillary Clinton,” said fifth grader Valentin Streitberger. “She does a lot with the environment and education.”

Fifth grader Gabriela Pirtea said she was very excited that Shongum hosted a mock election for its students. “Only grownups get to vote right now,” Gabriela said. “It’s nice that we get to experience voting at a younger age.”

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The Shongum PTO purchased pencils and stickers for the election. Teacher Christine Giousios asked students to fill out paper ballots with names and photos of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and then cast them in a voting booth in a special ballot box for their class. After they voted, each student received a special “I voted” sticker.

Melina Dilu, a fifth grader, said she learned in school “About defense and what our president is doing for our country.”

Mrs. Giousios and teacher Susan Miessler organized the school election and noted that the school has held elections for years and students usually pick the winners. Giousious said that as far back as she could remember the Shongum School Vote always matched the actual winning president.