RANDOLPH, NJ- Randolph Recreation Cheerleading celebrated the end of the season on Oct. 30 with their annual Cheer Exhibition held at the high school. The bleachers were packed with family and friends supporting the girls. Over 160 girls participated, ranging from grades three through eight.

It has become a tradition to begin the evening with cheerleaders from all levels running out to the Toni Basil song “Mickey," which always energizes the crowd. This was followed by a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem sung by Hope Mirski. The program has been co-directed by Patricia Marciano and Debbie Whiting for the past four seasons. Whiting stated in the program guide, “Together we have enjoyed guiding this program to new levels and challenges our cheerleaders expect every season.” Whiting gave a big thank you to Marciano at the exhibition and announced, “Patricia will be moving on after this season, as her daughter Barbara Marciano graduates from Varsity.”

After the eighth-grade cheerleaders performed “Mighty Varsity,” the varsity Bulldogs football players lined up to be acknowledged with the girls.  As their names were called, each player escorted one of the cheerleaders to receive her trophy. 

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A special acknowledgement was made for the varsity cheerleaders who have participated in the program for six years, beginning in third grade and cheering every season through eighth grade. The following girls achieved this honor: Kayla Bachrach, Molly Becker, Christina Colardeau, Krista Grassano, Barbara Marciano, Erin Mooney, Jalen Moreno, Kate Schlusberg, Lily Spagnuolo, Hallie Stevens, and Jessica Wattman.

All squads then performed in ascending order from third through eighth grades.  Each group opened with plenty of spirit doing the Bulldogs “Hello Cheer,” followed by their dance routines which increase in complexity as the girls move up through the cheer program. Last, squad moms announced each cheerleader’s name as the girls came up to receive their trophy and certificate.

Some people feel that cheerleading does not get the credit it deserves for being a difficult sport.  Varsity squad mom Kim Spagnuolo explained “The girls need to have coordination, dance ability, strength, balance, endurance and flexibility.  They all practice hard and have weekly games.”    

The tumbling and advanced stunts the girls perform in cheer can be risky at times. That point was emphasized by the fact that two of the varsity girls were not able to participate in the exhibition due to unfortunate injuries in the past week. Two freshmen girls from the high school team were kind enough to help out and fill their spots.  Spagnuoulo repeated a common cheer quote to sum it up, "Athletes lift weights, cheerleaders lift athletes."

The evening was run very smoothly, and special thanks went out to James Dixon for providing the sound for the program. Harry Ruiz was also thanked for keeping up the Randolph Cheerleading website. For additional information on Randolph Recreational Cheerleading, please CLICK HERE.