RANDOLPH, NJ-On Wednesday Feb. 11, Randolph High School’s Improv Troupe performed their long-awaited showcase. Hosted by Trevor Frederick and Emily Cyrier, and starring club members Haley Ornstein, Rachel Malaga, Peter Geannakakes, Chris Medina, and Johanna Snyder. The event only lasted an hour, but it was action-packed and fun as the seven members engaged the audience and each other in a number of sketches and “games.”

Just a few of the most notable were game in which audience members could call out questions and three actors would have to answer them in sequences of one word apiece, a mock blind-dating round in which an audience member would have to guess who they were paired up with according to comical cues, and back-and-conversations where a moderator could call “freeze!” and the actors would switch out, and reanimate the frozen body language with a completely new outlook.

Drama supervisor Michele Danna explained how far the club has come since its inception, noting how the experienced members helped along the newer members and created an environment that fostered growth and, most of all, allows the troupe to create something that is entirely their own.

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The end result was a memorable night that left the audience in side-splitting laughter for the whole performance. None of the dialogue was scripted; instead, actors take a concept and create situations and conversations on the spot.

Captain Trevor Frederick explained that this is the fun of improv: “It’s a great comedic outlet, because it’s so different from serious acting. You can just have fun.”