RANDOLPH, NJ- Randolph High School Alumni Gary Baumwoll, Heather Baumwoll, and Tarig Holman, are teaming up to organize an Anti-Bullying campaign within Randolph.  Holman, currently Randolph High School’s Football coach, played for RHS along with Gary Baumwoll back in the mid 90’s, and both now reside back in town. Heather Baumwoll now operates two businesses in town, and plans to finance the initiative’s events and operations.

The organization, which plans to hold multiple events for the community, will be called “NOBLE”. According to Gary Baumwoll, It has double meaning, one being “Noble” and the other being No-Bul ( Short for No-Bullying )

“No Bullying and fitting in has always been a topic instilled in me by my family,” said Gary Baumwoll.  “My junior project at Princeton was an ethnography (an anthropologic case study) of Randolph High School and the different cliques of the school.  My Mom, who won New Jersey History Teacher of the Year, also wrote two books on the topic of bullying, and we will be hosting books clubs with her books.”

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The focus will be broad, covering grades K-12 in Randolph schools, and different events will be held for different age groups, ultimately intending to include and bring the whole community together.  Plans are to host sports clinics, book clubs, motivational speakers and community service type events.

Heather Baumwoll, owner of Baumwoll Orthodontics and Pediatric Dental Associates, plans to finance a large portion of the programing.

“Growing up in Randolph and seeing how good the town has been to me, it always inspires me to give back, said Heather Baumwoll.  “Many of my patients are at the age where teasing and bullying starts and it breaks my heart seeing how affected they can be at such a young age. I wanted to do what I can to sponsor anti-bullying programs in town, and NOBLE gives me that opportunity.”

NOBLE has already planned and scheduled their first event, which will take place Sunday June 25.  Randolph Bulldog youth football players in grades 4-8 will be bussed to Rutgers for a tour of the school's athletic facilities and to meet Rutgers players.

“My personal mission is to make a difference, and help young people rise to meet their greatest potential,” said Holman.  “Not just not just football players, not just athletes but all young people.  “I plan on developing a team of NOBLE Ambassadors made up of High School Athletes to engage with the younger students, develop relationships and create synergy in our community.  I think that we can have a tremendous impact, and help to develop high self-esteem, the celebration of diversity, and have a lot of fun too.”

The Baumwoll’s and Holman echoed similar sentiments about feeling compelled to go above and beyond for a town that has supported them in their youth and adult lives.

“All three of us grew up in Randolph, are excited to be back living in town, and think this is a great way to give back to the community that has given us so much,’” said Gary Baumwoll.

To which Holman added, “I plan on leading, facilitating, planning, or doing whatever it takes to push the NOBLE mission.  Because the Randolph community has given me so much, this is one way that I can attempt to "pay it forward."

The Mission Statement for NOBLE: “To stop bullying of every kind in schools, extra-curricular activities and our children’s lives to make sure that all of our children can grow up with confidence and the best chance of succeeding in whatever he or she chooses as a life path.”