We are looking for motivated high school-aged actors to volunteer to star in a locally-produced feature film to be shot in Randolph, New Jersey this summer. The film, titled Gentleman, will be directed by Jake Wichansky (currently attending New York University's Tisch School of the Arts) and Holden Zuschlag (currently attending Boston University), the winners of the 2018 Randolph High School Film Festival, and it will be produced by CJ Colombaris and Corey Dalmedo, winners of the 2019 RHS Film Festival. Production will take place during weeknights and during the day on weekends. The specific shooting schedule will be determined based on the availability of the selected actors.

Please sign up to audition using this link: forms.gle/9VU5nuVy6KuZnGDb6

Once you have filled out the form, you will be emailed the script pages for two scenes per character to use for your video audition to be submitted by Friday, June 21 at the latest.

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Plot Synopsis: Gentleman is a crime drama set during high school summer break in a suburban New Jersey town. Ryan Minett is a quiet, insecure nerd who is secretly in love with his childhood friend, Amanda Record. The problem is, Amanda recently started dating Matt Hampton, Ryan’s only other friend. When a classmate, Chris Garrison, disappears, Amanda and her oppressive boss, Rachel Smalls, must work together to unravel the mystery of what really happened. This brings them face-to-face with violent drug-dealer Samson Gerhardt and his two masked goons. Meanwhile, Ryan works up the courage to face Matt and declare his true feelings for Amanda. Eventually, these two stories converge in a high-stakes, thrilling finale. In this subversion of the teen drama, the “Nice Guy” trope and the theme of what one deserves are explored through an escalating series of murders, betrayals, and redemptions.

Character Descriptions:

Ryan Mintett has an inflated sense of what, or, more specifically, who, he deserves. He believes that because he acts like a decent human being towards the love of his life, he is entitled to being with her. Despite this self-view, he is insecure and anxious about social situations involving people he doesn’t know. However, when it comes down to it, Ryan would do anything to get what he feels he deserves, including lying to those he cares about, betraying those close to him, and, eventually, murdering anyone that gets in his way.

Amanda Record just wants to be happy. She has a negative view of herself and suffers from depression. She cares deeply about her closest friends but has trouble finding sympathy for everyone else, especially those she feels have wronged her, including her boss at her lifeguarding job, Rachel. She is brave, and she does what she wants right when she wants to do it. She tries to break out of her comfort zone in order to prove to herself that she deserves to be with someone as selfless as Matt.

Rachel Smalls seems to embody the stereotypical “movie” lifeguard. She is popular, confident, and the power from her role as head lifeguard has certainly gone to her head. She loves to get people to do things for her, and as a result of her social status, this is quite easy for her. Despite her apparent confidence, Rachel is scared to put herself in stressful situations due to her epilepsy. Because of her condition, she feels that she deserves help from everyone around her. After her best friend, Chris, disappears, she is forced to act for herself for once and face her fear.

Matt Hampton is the nicest guy you’ve ever met. He is completely selfless, he gets along with everyone, and he’ll do anything to support his friends. He just wants to make sure everyone else is happy. However, his immense optimism sometimes clouds his ability to see others’ true intentions. Matt doesn’t think he deserves anything, and he believes everyone else deserves the world.

Samson Gerhardt is a loser at school, but in the drug-dealing business, he is a king. He adopts a larger-than-life persona for when he conducts drug deals, and he speaks in allegory and metaphor in order to feel more powerful. Because of the act he puts on, Samson feels he deserves power, but at school, nobody even knows who he is. Luckily, this anonymity makes it easy for him to conduct his less-than-legal operation.

Chris Garrison is a high school frat boy. He beams with confidence and can talk to anyone like he’s known them for twenty years, even if they’ve only just met. He is very loyal to his best friend, Rachel, and will happily socialize with anyone he encounters. Chris doesn’t spend much time thinking about what he deserves; instead, he lives in the moment and lives every one to its fullest.

Elizabeth Miller hates her job as a lifeguard, and she knows she deserves better. She is constantly annoyed by her boss, Rachel, and is forced to do the tasks nobody else wants to do.

Contact Jake Wichansky at jakewicha@gmail.com or Holden Zuschlag at holdenzuschlag@gmail.com with questions.