RANDOLPH, NJ –– Athletic Republic-Randolph re-opened its doors this past Sunday, April 17, 2016, with an invigorated approach to performance sports training. Under new local ownership, the sports training facility will get back to utilizing the best practices and training services from across Athletic Republic’s 120-facility network.

“Re-opening Athletic Republic – Randolph under new ownership provides an incredible opportunity to provide the community’s athletes with the most proven sports performance program in existence,” stated Athletic Republic CEO, Charlie Graves. We were adamant that this facility would not re-open without the right new management team in place and we’re confident that under this new ownership, this re-energized center will be able to utilize the AR’s training methods to their fullest capacity. We recognize that the local community is one that possesses a passion for sport and athlete development and that this new ownership group is the one it truly deserves to bring about a new age of training at Athletic Republic – Randolph.” 

“We believe in the Athletic Republic System and how it will create the opportunity for local athletes to improve their speed, power, agility, stamina and sport-specific skills,” new owners Salar Ghahary and Paul LoVerde stated. We have also partnered with Next Generation Fitness to expand our training services to include the dedicated adult looking to move better, get stronger, lose weight and stay healthier.”

Athletic Republic celebrated their Grand Opening event on Sunday, April 17 with a series of demonstrations for athletes of all ages. All guests were invited to participate in activities such as improving running mechanics on the Super Treadmill that improves speed and stamina while reducing the risk of an overuse injury; how much power each leg produces with a simple 3 second Isometric test (a measure that’s important for defining explosiveness and bilateral symmetry); how to improve first step quickness, foot speed and change in direction with Plyometrics; and how using resistance cords will help improve throwing velocity, balance and stability.  Attendees also had the chance to meet SuperBowl champion and NFL MVP Jamal Lewis.