Spring's almost here!  This winter has certainly been a long one here in Randolph and that extra "comfort" food isn't so comforting to your waistline.

If you're trying to lose some weight and live healthier I suggest you keep this in mind: live 80/20!

Here's what I mean:

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Make 80% of your daily food/meals with whole foods (such as veggies, fruits, nuts seeds).  Allow yourself 20% room for a slight indulgence, such as a glass of wine or small piece of dark chocolate.

If you have a temptation to reach for that doughnut, first ask yourself: do I want this to be over my 20% for the day?  By doing this, I bet you'll think twice before putting that extra, unhealthy percentage in your mouth! 

Also be mindful of what you are eating.  For example: when eating a snack put it in a bowl vs.eating it right out of the bag.  When we are mindful of the amount we are eating we tend to eat less. Another "mindful" eating tip: don't eat while watching television!  It's distracting and you're less likely to realize how much you are consuming.  (Please note: these are great lessons early on in life and if you have children it's smart to teach them to be mindful eaters at an early age.....it truly becomes a healthy life lesson!)

Occasionally 20/80:

During the holidays & special occasions, give yourself permissions to reverse the ratio for that meal of that day.  Just make sure you're back to 80/20 moving forward!  I often say: "it's all in moderation"!


Aside from 80/20, don't forget that another key to your success is to include exercise into your daily routine. Typically we reach for food when we need comfort, are bored, or "just because".  However, exercise truly helps relieve stress, anxiety, and we tend to eat better when we exercise. You're likely to be more mindful of what you are eating and less likely to indulge knowing you've worked so hard in the gym. The next time you need a "lift" don't turn to food as your pick-me-up.  Instead, make the healthier choice--choose exercise!  The more you move, the better you'll feel and both mind AND body will be glad you did. 

Stay healthy to the core both inside and out!