RANDOLPH, NJ- There has been an increase in bear sightings in the township this fall.

Bears are attracted by garbage odors, therefore, properly securing your garbage is one of the best ways to prevent bears from becoming a nuisance in your neighborhood.

The Randolph Township Police Department will respond to all bear sighting reports. The department’s response is limited to observing the bear and notifying residents in the area that a bear has been sighted. The police will not take any other action, unless the bear is aggressive and poses a threat to public safety.

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For tips on proper garbage management and coexisting with bears, visit the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife website .

To report a nuisance black bear, call New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection 24-hour, toll-free hotline at 1.877.WARN DEP (1.877.927.6337).

Remember, never feed bears—not only is it illegal in New Jersey, it’s dangerous!