RANDOLPH, NJ - With low-impact, ballet-inspired sessions that still leave you sweaty, the new Beyond Barre Randolph studio on Route 10 West provides a great workout for all levels of ability.

Colleen Bewalder brought Beyond Barre to Randolph when she noticed a lack of offerings in the area. Already an instructor at Jazzercise, she knew this class would be a good fit for the community.

“This is really the first barre studio in the area, … and I’m happy to offer something different,” Bewalder explained. “It’s seemed like the perfect thing to bring in here, because barre is sort of a trendy, but staying thing.”

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Bewalder has been dancing her entire life, and even participated in dance throughout college. She also taught dance at Heartbeat Dance Center in Succasunna, where she still currently also holds Barre classes. In order to offer more Beyond Barre Randolph classes, Bewalder brought on two accomplished instructors, Meghan Heyert and Jennifer Shuman. 

“I was certified in the Beyond Barre program. I met with the founder [Colleen Ketchum]; I had a personal training session by her, and I started June 1, 2016,” Bewalder said. Describing the culture of the BeyondBarre team, she added that the founder is very available, and she emails with Ketchum at least once a week.

At Beyond Barre Randolph, Bewalder has a large age range in students, from 20-year-olds to 70-year olds, because of the low-impact nature of the workouts. It can also be adapted for students who have experienced injuries. Compared with a program such as Jazzercise, which is high-impact with more dance elements, Beyond Barre is very accessible.

“At Beyond Barre we use ballet barre leg sculpting exercises and amplified them,” details BeyondBarre.com. “In addition to our leg contouring barre work, weights are added to tone the arms, and a stomach flattening abdominal series is included to challenge the core.”

“Our program is designed to strengthen the muscles by working to fatigue, then stretch to lengthen and sculpt,” the site explains.

Although the website states “it’s not your daughter’s ballet class,” Bewalder said her studio has a very casual environment, and no one should feel intimidated.

“We start in the middle, and we do some light weights. Then we go over to the barre for two sections: high barre is quads and calves, and mid barre is hamstrings and glutes. …..,” Bewalder described a typical class. “And then we follow up with a section on the floor called low barre, which does your lower abs and inner thighs, and then we do a whole abdominal section. So it’s really working every single part of the body.”

Even though “you have to love it, because it is very hard, you see a huge difference,” she emphasized. Students notice progress and strengthening, not only in barre class, but also in daily tasks around the house and in their other workouts.

“I have people who tell me they’re stronger in all areas of their life just by coming to Barre,” Bewalder mentioned. “I have a 74-year-old student... who said ‘everything at home is so much easier: my yard work is easier.’”

“I try to go by what my students need and what they want,” Bewalder said. When students needed childcare for the 11am class, she added a baby sitter. She works with students to provide new class times and themes.

“When we started in June, I had three classes, and it was just me,” she said. “And now we’re up to three instructors and nine classes. And we just keep growing, because the students keep coming.”

This summer marks the one-year anniversary of Beyond Barre at the Jazzercise in Randolph.

“We’ll be having a first anniversary celebration the first week of June, and every class will be a special price,” she explained. “We’re going to have giveaways, prizes, and there will be an actual celebration on the night of June 1 after that class.”

Other exciting upcoming events and promotions for the summer include a student pricing special of 10 classes for $100, and an eight-week boot camp course for more advanced barre students with each week focusing on a different section of the body. Bewalder will also be adding boot camp classes to the highly requested 5:30 Thursday evening class schedule.

Beyond Barre Randolph Website to completed soon : Click Here to Check it out : www.beyondbarrerandolph.com