RANDOLPH,NJ- The Board of Adjustment received an application for a unit space at 3 Middlebury Blvd. for educational and artistic use. Lisa Plociniak of Stanhope and Richard Segrave of Ledgewood want to bring a party-like environment with a spin of educational floral design and DJ (disc jockey) classes.

Plociniak is the owner of A Touch of Elegance Floral and Event Design. The company plans events, rents equipment and provides flower arrangement services.

"We are a full service event design company with a specialized component in floral design, props, furniture rental, and structures for wedding ceremonies,” said Plociniak.  “We basically do anything to make an event pretty."

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In 2011, the board approved Plociniak’s company to use unit 11 in the same business complex. The business is doing very well and hopes to expand into the vacant space next door, unit 12

"The space has worked out well for us,” said Plociniak. “We have been very successful. Because it has been so good the past few years we used up the space in such a short period of time, which prompted us to look at the unit next door to give us more production and storage space."

Currently, Plociniak has a lease to use unit 12 for storage purposes only. She wishes to use the unit for floral design classes. The classes will also teach kids to make flower arrangements as a party component. The class would consist of 10 to 20 kids at a time.

"Within our complex, all the units around us do something with childrens parties,” said Plociniak. “There are kids in and out of our zone all day long. It made sense that we provide the same kind of service with a different spin on it. Instead of bouncing around in a bouncy house they get to come to our place and make a flower arrangement that they can take home with them; teach them a little skill.”

The complex also has other child centers like Pump It Up, the Climbing Center and Recreation and Sports facilities. The educational sessions will be a quick 90-minute party either during afternoons or weekends. 

During the week after work hours, adult classes would be offered for those interested in learning the trade. Potentially, it could be taken to the next level and offer some sort of professional training, possibly offering a certificate program that teaches floral and event design.

"We have 15 years experience in the industry, I have a wonderful staff with talented people that can teach and we think it would be a good asset for the community," said Plociniak.

Plociniak’s partner, Richard Segrave, is the principal of Infiniti Entertainment, a mobile entertainment company that specializes in all types of events. Segrave would add a DJ teaching component at the party as well for kids.

"What we like to do is at the end of the party, maybe the last 20 minutes after they enjoy their pizza and juice box, that's where I come in,” said Segrave. “They dance for that last 15 to 20 minutes.”

The music will play at an acceptable level within the limits of the town in order not to disturb anyone. Segrave would also like to offer a DJ school.

"Everyone loves music,” said Segrave. “We can teach them in a class forum, it would be a great space for that.”

Segrave has been in the business for the last 20 years. The DJ school would be during the week around 7 to 9 PM or 6 to 8 PM. No more than 8 to 10 kids will be at a class.

"Every single business in our complex around us offers exactly what we're look to do, we're just trying to do a different spin in it," said Segrave.

After a series of questions from the board, there was a unanimous decision to approve the application. When the original application came to the board three years ago there were concerns that another Obsessions would be opening up. However, the board decided that this was a legitimate expansion application.