RANDOLPH, NJ - With President Al Matos away this week, Vice President of the Board of Education Christine Aulenbach opened Wednesday’s meeting with an update on filling the empty board seat.

Four candidates have applied to fill Diana Thomas’ vacant seat. Matos has asked the four candidates to attend the next BOE meeting on Oct. 18 in order for the entire board to interview each candidate.

Aulenbach released the names of the candidates for Thomas’ seat: Joseph Faranetta, Theresa Fogel, Michael Pizzano and Douglas Weisberger will begin the interview process at the next meeting.

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“Being on this end [of the interview process], it’s our due diligence to really ask some important questions,” Aulenbach stated. “So I’m sure Al will brief us … on what we want to ask them and things like that.”

Student Council Representative Alyssa Horowitz shared plans for the upcoming Homecoming game and Spirit Week, as well as the status of the focus groups put in place by the previous student council representative.

“I’m on Student Council so I was [in the focus group],... but really leaders in any aspect just to get an idea of what people are thinking, and it’s all different grades,” Horowitz said. “It’s nice if I am having a concern that I think reflects the student body or my grade, then I can bring it up to [Principal Deborah Iosso].”

The focus groups discussed the recent social media threats in Randolph, and Iosso explained the seriousness to these threats to the student leaders. Horowitz mentioned that any important information learned during these focus groups is distributed to students through the facebook groups for each grade level.

During the new business portion of the meeting, the board reviewed a first reading of the new Use of School Facilities policy. This policy will establish the price for outside organizations to use the school facilities, such as classrooms or fields.

Board member Jeffrey Braverman mentioned several concerns for discussion on this bill, one being the price of using the dance studio at the school.

“The Dance Studio had a special floor installed that will last only so long,” Braverman explained, “and a basic classroom is not going to face the same amount of wear and tear.”

Several other concerns were mentioned, but the policy committee confirmed they spoke with the school’s insurance company and these staffing needs and time regulations are sufficient. The policy will need to provide a clear priority list for use of the facilities in case of a conflict.