RANDOLPH, NJ- Randolph resident and father of three Matt White volunteered his time to help Ironia Elementary School students kick-start their bodies and their brains in a before school exercise program.

“I became passionate about helping kids stay healthy after experiencing a health scare,” said White.  “I changed my life around, focusing on healthy nutrition and exercise.  I want to share what I have learned with my community, starting with its kids.”

After traveling to Reebok in Massachusetts for training and learning about its BOKS program, White brought the program to Ironia two mornings a week for three months.  BOKS, which stands for Build our Kids’ Success, believes that active kids equal active minds.

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As described by Amy Rubin, Ironia teacher and program volunteer, the program “promotes healthy habits and activities that all participants can use in their lives, regardless of athletic ability.”

Each BOKS session consists of free play, a running-related activity, a skill of the week, a game focused on community and teamwork, and a nutrition tip of the week.

The program was a huge success with the kids.  Lucas Pentz, an Ironia 5th grader said “I enjoyed going to BOKS, it was a great way to start my day.” “It was really good exercise for us – and Mr. White made it fun.  There were a lot of fun relay races too!” said Nick (3rd grade) and Joe (5th grade) Armento.