RANDOLPH,NJ- Children around Randolph have been working hard to solve Randolph’s first “Riddle Run.” This park activity had players run through the outdoors to pick up letters written on specially marked posts around town for a prize.

Sawyer and Zoey explored through Brundage Park picking up the clues that were left behind. Along the way, they passed by the tennis courts and strolled around the lake. The siblings also admired some art work and found an old radio. Both children were solving Randolph's Riddle Run.

Their mother Jessica Cavaliere works as a elementary art teacher and finds these outdoor adventures stimulating for her kids.

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"It was definitely a lot of fun, a good experience for the kids. It was a good opportunity to explore the park and to see artwork done by the students of Randolph," Cavaliere said.

Because the artwork done along the trail was made by children, it was also beneficial to the ones that made them.

"I think it's a great opportunity for students and children to see their artwork out in public and to know that they contributed to something that everyone in the town can participate in," Cavaliere said.

The Cavalieres were accompanied by Christina Maggiulli and her son John and daughter Gabby.

The riddles consist of 92 characters from 92 posts. Worksheets for the Riddle Run can be found on Randolph Township's website or can be picked up at the community center on Calais Road. Once one has solved the riddle, they take their worksheet and answer to the recreation department for a prize (while supplies last). The "Run" lasts until August 22 at 3 p.m.

Brundage Park of one of the two outdoor parks that will have the riddles, the other being Freedom Park. Artworks Studios is behind the idea with Director Kelly Vargas at its head.

The idea came from several sources. At first, the posts used for the Riddle Run was supposed to be a public arts project. Vargas observed how people came through areas of outdoor recreation because of the smartphone game Pokémon Go.

Vargas also took inspiration from her 12-year-old son Owen. He came up with using riddles and the name of the event.

For those who enjoy the Riddle Run, Vargas encourages them to join in other Artworks Studio projects. Classes at the studio focus on the Fine Arts, including subjects ranging from painting to fiberglass work.

"We like to offer things that bring people really into a creative space where they can express themselves," Vargas said.

If the Riddle Run meets continued success, Vargas hopes to expand the course to other parks in Randolph.

"It allows people to have a bigger adventure in town. It also creates awareness of the many different trails and parks that our town has to offer, and we feel that it brings people together as a community doing something that's wholesome and fun," Vargas said.