Do you walk into houses week after week expecting to see homes straight off an HGTV episode? One where you can just move in and hang your clothes in the closet? You do realize a half hour show takes weeks to film and you only see the homes they want you to see, right? Well let me introduce you to 90% of the buyers I meet.  I see the same faces at my open houses week after week, I know their names, kids names, where they live and everything about them, I even have gone through pregnancies with them and watch as their child grows before my eyes!  They will name the homes we are in like a an HGTV episode based on an ugly feature of the home such as the honeycomb home, because of the pattern of the tile floor.

As a professional in my field, you can imagine this is frustrating and unrealistic especially when so many of these homes have such great potential.  Some small investment, like paint and flooring alone, can change the overall appearance of the home and can get you into a great neighborhood for a more affordable price then if the home was in HGTV condition.  When that situation arises, the resulting home often ends up in a bidding war, and most people end up being bid out if the home, even if it initially fell within their price point!

I know this is not only the biggest emotional process a person will go through, but also the biggest financial one as well.  I believe often they are just not ready, and  for some buyers, they need a longer time to absorb different areas, communitys, homes and neighborhoods until they walk into the home they least expect to be the one, and suddenly they just have to have it!  So, buyers have a to have a more open mind when home searching, find your location, and make those small investments and changes to turn your next home your own personal HGTV Dream home!

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Missy Iemmello

Weichert Sales Specialist


284 Route 10 West

Randolph, NJ 07869