RANDOLPH, NJ- Campbell’s Haunted Tours is a local legend in Randolph, NJ. Using an artful series of blind turns, double backs, and winding passages Campbell's Haunted Tours disorients their guests. Each tour has a personal guide to take them through the scenes from classic and modern horror films... and a few from the Campbell's personal imaginations. You'll step into a living nightmare as you make your way through the haunted house.

A Love for Scaring 

Scott Campbell discovered a love for theatrics in high school. But it wasn't until much later that that love evolved into a passion. After designing props for a Halloween party, Scott brought them home to decorate his family’s new house. They had just moved into their current home - directly across from Ironia Elementary School. The children that walked by on the way to school every day were fascinated! With the local children enjoying his work, Scott began adding to the scenes. 

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For years people would come by to see the Campbell’s yard. During the month of October Scott would constantly add new props to the yard. 

One day Scott's sense of humor got the better of him. He played a prank on his wife, Caroline. Using a mask and a black trash bag Scott made himself look like just another prop. He sat on the front steps waiting for his wife to come home. When she arrived home Scott leapt up and scared her. 

She was so delighted by the scare, she insisted he repeat the prank. Going inside she called friends and family to come visit the home. Over the next few hours the two had a fantastic time terrorizing their loved ones.

After several incidents a vandals stealing or destroying props a change had to happen. Inspired by the fun they'd had scaring their friends, the Campbells knew exactly what to do. Black tarps soon enshrouded the property. Hidden from the outside world, they transformed their home into a horror fan’s dream.

In 1996 Campbell's Haunted Tours led its first group through scenes of horror and terror. By 2008 they were leading more than a thousand people through over a dozen different scenes over the course of four nights. 

Following a seven year hiatus, Campbell's Haunted Tours returned last year. Andrea Campbell and Scott Campbell Jr have joined their father in scaring the neighborhood. 

Volunteers & Donations

Campbell’s Haunted Tours have always been a labor of love. Scott and his family take a great deal of pride in scaring their friends and neighbors. They never charge admission, but they do accept donations. Aside for a portion that is donated to Make a Wish, all donations go directly to keeping the Haunted House open. 

The Scare-actors are all locals that enjoy scaring as much as Scott does. During my visit, I got to spend some time with them during setup. In the basement, these actors transform from cheerful people into walking nightmares. Even with the lights up, it became hard to remember that these were the same people I’d been happily chatting with upstairs. 

This year Simply Gourmet has donated food for the actors and Miller’s Hill Farm has donated props. 

If you’re looking for the best in local Haunted Houses make sure you come by for a visit. Campbell’s Haunted Tours will be finishing up their season this weekend Friday 10/28 and Saturday 10/29.