Hello, my name is Adrian Vlcko and I am campaigning to represent Randolph students and taxpayers on our district Board of Education.

I have spent half of my 20-year professional career in Randolph, moving here in 1997 with my wife and RHS alum, Sue. We wanted to grow our family close to friends and grandparents, a place with high quality of life and strong school system and Randolph was it. We love calling Randolph our home and have a lot of pride in where we have settled. It's incredibly important to me that our township be well tended to, and I deeply care that we are well equipped to offer our families and young residents a prosperous future and opportunities success in life. Today's globally connected society demands more of our students and world citizens than ever before. I want to use my knowledge and skills to benefit our community not just as a participant, but as a leader to set our youth up for success.

I would love your vote of support this November 8th. I've been through the public education system and have spent my entire working career pursuing knowledge, leadership skills and professional advancement. I was a musician, High School Honors student, athlete on the ski team, nationally awarded artist and took eight AP exams before earning a degree in Computer Engineering. I fully appreciate the value of high achievement and the role technology plays in both learning and post-graduate success. I also had many close friends that chose to not pursue higher education and have seen the difference in career and life opportunities afforded to each path first hand.

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While I feel the district has received many needed improvements to an aging infrastructure (field turf, security, band uniforms) with minor tax increases, we can be doing so much better. Just look past these maintenance items to the underlying numbers. For example, it's exciting that the semi-annual NJ Monthly Magazine has ranked Randolph at #16 out of 100 public schools, up from a prior #64 of 100. But do not be mistaken that this jump in rank was due solely to district improvements and student achievement. Looking closer at the numbers shows that this rank increase was due mainly to a change in how the rank is calculated. Additionally, US News ranks Randolph High School at #51 in New Jersey, good for a silver medal. SchoolDigger.com ranks our district at #153 of 610 and reports that our District Statewide Performance has declined from 84.8% in 2008 to 74.9% in 2015 - a trend in the wrong direction.

I also feel there are great opportunities for the Board to modernize it's operations and learn from other successful districts. Randolph residents pay an incredible amount of tax each year and deserve more transparency and voice in how their money is handled. Currently the Board's agendas are very difficult to find without attending a meeting in person. Meeting minutes are posted weeks if not months late on poorly organized web sites that are difficult to navigate. Today's busy families with two working parents aren't always able to spend time seeking information. It should to be pushed to them through a variety of avenues and formats - email, mobile, web among others. Attending meetings in person is not always an option and there need to be other ways to stay connected. These challenges all can be solved without additional taxpayer expense.

With two young children beginning their learning journey in Randolph schools, I have skin in the game as a father and taxpayer. I will work hard to perform the duties of a BoE member, as well as push to create a more open, two-way communication with the taxpayers and students of this community. I will strive for increased visibility to decision-making and accountability for making the right decisions. I vow to do everything I can to keep taxes low, and look for opportunities to reduce or even eliminate unnecessary costs and waste. I will lower and remove barriers to a good education and strive to advance integration of technology in the classroom, focusing not just on the High School - but middle and elementary schools as well.

Please lend me your support this November 8th. A vote for DeVito, Saunders and Vlcko is a vote for meaningful positive change for our community. Please select #'s 2, 4 and 5 on the ballot.

For more information on me and my running mates visit http://RandolphBOE.com.