RANDOLPH, NJ- Fifth grade students at Center Grove Elementary School learned to become entrepreneurs through the school's new TREP$ program.

Children worked with teachers and each other to come up with ideas for the prototypes of things they wanted to create and then sold the items on Feb. 23 at an evening marketplace in the school gymnasium following a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Students met after school with a team of fifth grade teachers who met with them to discuss their prototypes. The students then worked to create their items, which they sold at tables, set up in the school gymnasium. The students sold everything from homemade bracelets to soaps, colorful birdhouses, phone couches, healing pads and Emoji balls.

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Margot Berthier brainstormed what she could sell at the marketplace and came up with the idea for homemade gift bags. "I love giving gifts," Margot said. "So I created my own gift bags."

Each of Margot's gift bags featured an original design ranging from flowers to butterflies.

Across the gymnasium, Layla Barjesteh and Melanie Park sold jewelry they created. Melanie made her own bead bracelets which she even modeled at the marketplace while partner Layla made string bracelets. Both girls said they were please with the positive response they received as they sold a bracelet to Center Grove third grader Juliana Kusnier, a very happy customer.

Jessica Blutig came up with the idea of stuffing colorful children's socks with garbanzo beans to create phone couches for people to rest their cell phones while they are not using them. Jessica said she was very pleased with the large number of customers she had at the marketplace.

Center Grove fifth grade teachers Mary Curtis, Tiffani Armstrong, Donna Marucci and Beata Darvig worked with the students in the TREP$ program, which received a generous grant from the Center Grove PTO.

Fifth graders at Fernbrook Elementary School also enjoyed a similar program in the fall.