RANDOLPH, NJ- After carefully considering feedback we have received from residents, the Town Council has recently made changes to two township policies.

Leaf Collection

In September, the Town Council approved an amendment to the township’s Curbside Leaf Collection Policy.  The policy was changed to allow residents who use private landscapers and lawn services to place leaves at the curb for collection by the township.  

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The previous policy implemented in 2005, restricted residents who utilized private contractors from participating in the curbside leaf collection program.  The policy was originally established to address an issue the town was facing at that time with private contractors using the curbside collection program to offload leaves collected in other towns.  Recently, however, residents have expressed concerns about these restrictions, and in response the policy was reassessed this year.  The review concluded that the actions of a few service providers should not be used as a reason for denying all residents the same access to the curbside collection program.  The analysis further determined that the curbside collection program could be efficiently managed with the contractors participating in the process as long as the township diligently monitors and enforces contractor and resident compliance with the policy.  On this basis, the Town Council moved to modify the policy.  All other rules associated with the leaf collection program remain in place for both residents and contractors alike and will continue to be strictly enforced.

Recycling Schedule

A second change in township policy recently approved by the Town Council addresses the schedule for curbside recycling pick up.  Beginning in January 2018, the curbside recycling pick up will return to an every other week schedule.  In 2017, the schedule had been changed so that recyclables were collected on the second and fourth weeks of the month.  Throughout the year, we received feedback from residents who found the new recycling schedule to be confusing and somewhat challenging to remember.  Because of this feedback from residents, the Town Council has decided to return to an every-other-week schedule for recycle pick up beginning in January.  Garbage pickup will still occur weekly.  Recyclables and garbage will continue to be conveniently collected on the same day of the week. 

The Town Council is always happy to hear from residents.  We diligently review any concerns we receive and seek solutions for addressing them.