RANDOLPH, NJ- Nearly two-dozen women and men gathered at Chizel Fitness on Sussex Turnpike in Randolph on Tuesday, Oct. 13 to see what nuggets of information they might learn about their bodies.

Nutrition Night, a workshop created by Chizel owner Jackie Timmerman, in partnership with the Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center, brought together three experts to share their knowledge with the workshop attendees.

Each speaker addressed a different component of losing weight or maintaining healthy weight: nutritional, psychological and physical.

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Dr. Marcie Arlinsky, chiropractor from the Center spoke about the foods we eat. “There’s no magic bullet.” Said Arlinksy. “It starts with a very basic equation with the calories we take in for eating versus the calories that we burn with exercise. If your calories in are the same as your calories out you’re going to have no change.” Arlinsky continued, “If you eat more than you burn off you’re going to gain some weight. And on the other hand, if you eat less than you burn you’re going to lose.”

Eating psychology coach, Ilisa Ferrara, talked about how metabolism is reduced when we are stressed while eating, and the importance of enjoyment. “When you’re stressed, your breathing is shallow. When you’re relaxed, your breathing is slower and fuller,” Ferrara said, “The simple act of taking a few deep breaths before eating can increase our digestive power.”

Personal trainer, Joya Shaw, tackled the physical workout component of weight loss. “It’s changing behavior. Not just sitting there. Even if it’s 20 minutes, your mind is going to feel better, ” said Shaw.

Wendi Zimmerman attended the event and found it very informative. “What I found the most intriguing was learning the psychology and science behind eating,” Zimmerman said.  “I know we should try and live stress free lives but it was interesting learning how stress actually affects the body and how it can impact your weight.”

When asked if she would attend another workshop, Zimmerman responded, “Absolutely. I learned things I didn’t know before.”

The two businesses hope to partner on future events. Jackie Timmerman of Chizel stated, “I’m so pleased with how this went. I love educating the community about health and this was a great venue in which to do that.”

Dr. Simon, co-owner of the Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center agreed. “We love working with folks who feel as passionately as we do about health and wellness. I envision Randolph as being on the map as a leader in this area.”

The Randolph Pain Relief & Wellness Center provides injury rehab and chronic pain management tailored to each patient’s priorities with physical therapy, chiropractic care, medical massage, acupuncture and chronic pain management.