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MORRIS COUNTY, NJ- The Morris County township of Randolph passed an ordinance banning retail sale of dogs in September 2014. To date there are approximately 36 other NJ municipalites that have done the same. The motivation for this is the cruel conditions under which the puppies sent to stores are mass produced, conditions that are universally condemned by various groups, including the Humane Society, ASPCA, and Best Friends Animal Society, to name a few. Nationwide more than 135 ordinances have been passed by various jurisdictions.

Both anecdotal and clinical data support the existence of health and behavioral problems in pet store puppies. Ordinances which ban sales of puppy mill animals protect consumers and leave them with a range of other options including small local breeders, rescues, and breed-specific rescues. When a municipality enacts an ordinance, residents are protected from expensive health problems in their pets, including  sometimes the pain of losing a pet at a young age. Community animal shelters are likewise less burdened by abandoned animals.

A group of citizens petitioned the Freeholders on May 11 to consider a resolution (non-binding) which would encourage Morris County municipalites to enact ordinances. The Freeholders have been provided with sample ordinances as well a copy of resolutions passed by some other NJ counties. Petitions signed by 140 local citizens were also shared. As more municipalities take action on this issue, those that do not become at greater risk of a puppy mill related pet store opening in their community. The difficulty of regulating pet shops of this type has been borne out repeatedly in the recent news reports of the Divison of Consumer Affairs fining stores in amounts of ten thousands of dollars. Proactive legislation protects communities from a business model that is inherently cruel and considered highly undesirable by citizens.

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