RANDOLPH, NJ- During Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting, the Board addressed the concerns of the community in regards to the timing of the Community School rate increase. Although the intention of the Board was to implement rates that captured necessary cost increases for the programs, it became aware through a number of discussions with parents over the course of the past few weeks that the timing presented many challenges for families. During the New Business section of the meeting, a motion to rescind the earlier approved rates and institute a new rate chart for 2019-2020 was introduced and approved by a majority of the Board.

The newly approved rates provide a 50% reduction in the increase to the rates, as well as a further discount for families with multiple enrolled children and reinstituted a discount for children in both before and after care. The new rates for 2019-2020 are $190 for Before Care and $203 for After Care. Rates are proportionally reduced for those families utilizing fewer than five days of care. Further reductions are provided for families who qualify for free or reduced lunch. For families who have already enrolled and made payments, adjustments will be made to all accounts before September 15. Credits will be applied for any overpayments.

While the reduction provides temporary relief for families this school year, the administration and Board cautioned that rates may need to increase for 2020-2021 to at least the levels previously approved. To alleviate further timing concerns, the administration has indicated its’ goal to release rates before the early Spring, after multiple discussions with the Board through its FFT committee beginning in early 2020. We will carefully monitor the cost of the program over the next few months to ensure that parents are informed of any changes as far in advance as possible.