MORRISTOWN, NJ- In recent weeks, the COVID-19 virus has thrown difficult obstacles at every member of our society; these struggles are especially challenging for our organization.

Thanks to our dedicated network of donors, volunteers, and staff, we have been able to continue our 24/7 operations to the best of our abilities.

Just recently, on the morning of March 23rd, Morris County staff carefully came together with our staff, and Morris Habitat for Humanity’s Restore to relocate homeless individuals in an effort to aid social distancing.

The impressive mobilization brought 29 residents of our Single Men’s Program and our Warming Center to a previously vacant location just across the parking lot at 560 West Hanover Avenue

The goal of this move was to provide a larger space to live at a time when personal space is paramount to physical health.

"It is important to help our county residents who are in need during this time of crisis,’’ said Morris County Freeholder Director Deborah Smith.  "We heard the call for help from Homeless Solutions and are doing what we can to help their clients.’’  

Prior to this important effort many of these individuals were in dormitory style living, sleeping in bunk beds with several people in very close proximity.

This additional space will not only help with the social distancing for the safety of the shelter guests but also help HSI staff as they work with a "house" under quarantine. There are almost 90 people living there all dealing with the trauma of homelessness. The staff at HSI are working hard as they navigate through this continually evolving situation.

Moments of crisis often bring out the best in people and organizations.  That has certainly been on display with the timely and thoughtful response by the County of Morris and Morris Habitat for Humanity.

Blair Schleicher Bravo, Morris Habitat for Humanity CEO shared, "There is no greater time of need than right now, and we want to support our nonprofit partners like HSI who are on the front lines working with our most vulnerable citizens".