DENVILLE, NJ-- Denville is known for it's community service to others and the Gounaud family needs Denville's help. Life for the Gounaud Family has certainly never been easy by any means. Their life got even crazier after mom, Michele, recently lost her job.

The Gounaud's eldest child, Devan, suffers from a very rare neurological condition called Aicardi Syndrome. Devan is 10 years old, but is legally blind, moderatly verbal, ambulatory, developmentally and physically delayed, has significant motor function impairments, spinal abnormalities, and several other medical issues. On top of that, Devan also suffers from seizures, currently having one seizure every day. 

There is no cure for Aicardi Syndrome, but Devan beat the odds from birth. The odds of having a child born with Aicardi Syndrome are 1 in 500,000. Most children with Aicardi Syndrome are given a life expectancy of 1-3 years. On Saturday, Devan will beat the odds yet again, when she celebrates her 11 birthday. This by no means speaks for the challenges that the Gounaud family faces every day. 

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Michele and Donroy Gounaud have three children. While caring for Devan, Michele and Donroy have to work full time as their insurance doesn't cover many medicines that Devan needs to survive. Donroy is a full time mailman, but works three other part time jobs to help pay for Devan's needs. In addition to his four jobs, Donroy is also a member of the Denville Volunteer Fire Department.

The family is currently paying out over $900.00 a month to afford medicine, diapers for Devan, therapy, and every day needs. Devan is also on a blended diet and still requires baby food and eye drops.

The couple has tried to apply for every which program for funding for Devan. After being shut down by the State of New Jersey and Morris County, the Gounaud Family turned to Go Fund Me to raise money in hopes of saving a small bit on their out of pocket expenses for Devan.

To donate toward the Gounaud's Go Fund Me campaign and learn more about Devan, visit Dream's For Devan