RANDOLPH, NJ- Happy Anniversary Fernbrook! The elementary school is celebrating its 50th anniversary and part of the fun included the opening of a time capsule from the school’s 25th anniversary in 1991. Principal Danielle Soldivieri, Vice Principal Kristin Mueller and student council members shared contents of the 1991 time capsule with students, staff, administrators, and retired staff including former Principal Jim Hoffman.

Contents of the time capsule included newspapers from 1991, a menu from Café Classico, which used to be in the location of the Randolph Diner, a school yearbook, a VHS tape of the 25th birthday celebration and a 1991 lunch menu with pizza bagels and corn dogs when lunch cost $1.40. There was also a TV Guide, a Support our Troops button for Operation Desert Storm and a People magazine with the fabulous people of 1991 including actor Patrick Swayze, Princess Caroline and President Bush. Items for a new time capsule are being collected and include Pokemon cards and a menu from the Randolph Diner.

The school also invited retired staff to return for the event including teacher Christine Brembs, who now teaches at Ironia Elementary School, former Principal Jim Hoffman, librarian Pam O’Donnell, teachers Diane Button, Maureen Kaplan and Pat Carlson.


Caption: Fernbrook Vice Principal Kristin Mueller, with the microphone, opens the time capsule with members of the school’s student council and Principal Danielle Soldivieri, now the district’s director of elementary education.