RANDOLPH, NJ-Children's author/illustrator Michael Dooling visited Fernbrook Elementary School for a special Author Day program.

The event, which was a special cultural arts presentation funded by the Fernbrook PTO, featured assemblies with students from different grades as well as lunch with the author and a special drawing/illustration workshop on February 8.

Dooling is a resident of Audubon, New Jersey who has written and illustrated 65 different children's books. Dooling told the children how he models most of the characters in his books from his friends and neighbors. "An illustration is telling a story through a picture," he told an assembly of students.

Dooling also created an illustration for students and later invited third grader Aedan Perez to come up to the front of the all-purpose room and taught him how to draw a man's face as the other children in the assembly watched. Dooling's wife Jane Perez also assisted with the presentation.