RANDOLPH, NJ- Challenges of a busy lifestyle, a supersize culture and a lack of mindfulness all contribute to over-eating. We work through meals, grab what’s easy, scarf it down and don’t even taste the food we’ve eaten. Then we start over the next day, wondering why the scale and our happiness quotient aren't where we’d like them to be.

Jackie Timmerman, owner of Chizel Fitness in Randolph, NJ is no stranger to this concept. She has been training men and women alike for 17 years and recognizes that hers is only one piece of the puzzle to keeping healthy. “If my clients go home after their workout and eat French fries and doughnuts, the benefit they gained from our session gets undone in ten minutes.” 

Dr. Marcie Arlinsky, chiropractor at the Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center and a featured presenter agrees. “Understanding what’s healthful and nutritious and actually choosing those foods are two different things,” she said. “If you choose the right foods but are inactive, you’re still fighting an uphill battle to stay healthy. It’s about more than long-term health benefits, too. Smart food choices help your body heal naturally and quickly from injuries and illness and make it easier to manage chronic health issues and chronic pain.” 

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As active participants in Randolph’s annual To Your Health Community Wellness Fest, both organizations have teamed up to bring "Nutrition Night" to the community. Featured speakers will include Dr. Arlinsky and Chizel’s fitness trainer Joya Shaw. Ilisa Ferrara, a certified eating psychology coach, provides the missing link for many people: mindfulness and stress management. 

“Stress physiology, the relaxation response, breathing, awareness, pleasure and much more profoundly influence digestion and calorie burning”, says Ms. Ferrara.

“This is exactly what our community health fair was meant to accomplish,” said Dr. David Simon, co-owner of the Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center, “bringing businesses together to help our community focus on health and wellness.” He continued, “I’m thrilled that Dr. Arlinsky will have the opportunity to share her knowledge about women’s health in concert with Joya and Ilisa. I think they’ll make a great team.”

The event takes place at 7:00pm on Tuesday, Oct. 13 at Chizel Fitness. 


About Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center:

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