Recently there were two public protest rallies in Randolph. One was for Black Lives Matter and the other was for Reopening Small Businesses. In both peaceful rallies, it appeared social distancing was practiced. Both groups have the right to express themselves as citizens. Both groups have the right of protest; however it appears that selective law enforcement was practiced in that one group, the Small Business Group Organizers, were issued two violation tickets. As a 38 year resident of Randolph, I have been a supporter and admirer of our local police and always considered them to be true professionals. However, I was extremely disappointed that the police department administration now appears to be meddling in politics. Our system is supposed to offer equal protection under the law. I have never in my 38 years in Randolph seen the police department Administration get involved in a political issue. There should have been NO tickets issued for either group. I sincerely hope that the Randolph Police Department Administration will reconsider their decision and ask the town prosecutor to dismiss the tickets. If the Police Department Administration does not reconsider their decision,  the town prosecutor or if necessary the county should fix this travesty of justice and dismiss all charges.


Art Lee

Randolph NJ