There are ways to get involved, and add your voice and actions to better our community…

  • The Parks and Recreation Master Plan is wrapping up and your voice should be heard.  Fill out the survey on line, participate in advertised public meetings, and visit the Township website for more information.  We want to have everyone’s input as we look to plan the future of our Parks and Recreation
  • Keep an eye out for an Appraisal System representative that will be seeking entry to your home or business as part of the Township’s revaluation process.  This process has begun and will continue through September 2016; your cooperation is greatly appreciated and will assist in a smooth revaluation process
  • Consider volunteering as there are many ways to give back to our community.  You can volunteer at the one of our four volunteer firehouses, our Rescue Squad, our Randolph Regional Animal Shelter, our Library, with one of our sport teams, our Rotary Group, Kiwanis Club, Scouts, etc.  You can meet other Township residents, have fun, and both young and old can feel good about paying it forward
  • Speak to others about the quality of our Township, our beautiful parks, trails, recreation programs, as well as our great schools, businesses and landscapes.  Let others know what a great township Randolph is so our reputation stays strong, keeping real estate values high
  • Shop local, keeping our businesses alive and well, and continuing to invest in our Township.  Let them know you’re happy to have them service Township residents and for supporting our children’s sporting programs and our schools, which many do willingly year after year
  • If you see something, say something.  If you feel that you have a great idea, share it with the appropriate folks at Town Hall, the Township Council, the Schools; people that can help make this Township even more special than it is.  As Mayor I receive many resident emails asking about certain quality of life issues, the process for road repairs, explanation of township events, etc. which tell me people care and want to get involved with their community.  They are proud to live here.  Reach out with your ideas and questions, I’m sure someone will be able to respond
  • Thank our Police, Fire and Rescue Squad members for protecting and serving us.  They put their lives on the line to keep us safe.  Your kindness means a lot to them

Lastly, drive safely and slowly around our neighborhoods.   Kids, walkers, runners, people biking are out especially during these warm days.  Let’s remember by speeding we only save a mere few seconds, and our safety and the safety or others is unquestionably more important. 

If you have any specific questions or comments, please email at or our Township manager Steve Mountain at as both of us would be happy to hear from you and help have your voice heard. 

Joanne Veech, Mayor