Over the past few years I think it’s safe to say home prices have dropped significantly.  The decline in economic conditions is the primary reason for this drop.  Although conditions recently have begun to improve, housing values in the area are still lagging behind.  It got me thinking can we do anything local to help change this situation. What else plays into a community’s value in the market?  How do we attract buyers to our lovely hamlet, Randolph Township?

You may be hearing the same thing I’ve heard lately, how hot the Morristown and urban areas east of us are.  It’s said that millennials and young couples want direct transportation to the city, walking distances to restaurants, entertainment, shopping and the comforts of a more urban life style.  Morristown and other urban centers have found a way to plug into this market.  So how do we as a community accomplish the same; enhance our reputation and encourage buyers to take a serious look at us?

We need to get the word out and be recognized for the community we are; we have so much to offer, and our people are at the heart of what makes us a strong community.  Personally I would like to see people fighting over houses for sale here, and businesses filling up our empty retail space.  So how do we communicate all the wonderful benefits our township has to offer? 

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May I suggest it starts with us as citizens, we should spread the good word about Randolph, tell others about our award winning parks, our 18 miles of trails, our superior recreational programs, our top notch schools, the prudent fiscal management of our budgets, our beautiful landscapes and rolling hills, and just how special our people are, all of which make us a great community. 

As it’s our people that make the township special.  We have thousands of volunteers, we support others in times of need, and we are kind and caring.  I see it every day as Mayor.  Over the twenty years I’ve lived here, I see our community getting stronger every year.  Let’s continue to celebrate that and please join me by raising your voice and spreading the word… Randolph is a great place to live!