RANDOLPH, NJ- A GoFundMe page as been started for a family in Randolph.

The Page States the following:

"The McEntee Family live in the Ironia section of Randolph. Derek and Teagan along with their 4 young children Layla, Audrey, Brooklyn and Koryn moved here from CA several years ago. They live with their grandparents and adjusted beautifully to the community. Four weeks ago the girls' grandfather died. It was very upsetting as he was more like a second father to the family.  As they mourned the loss of this beloved man, tragedy struck this family. Derek died very unexpectedly. He left behind his wife and 4 young daughters who now have to navigate a world without their father to love and support them as they grow up. 

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Teagan is a stay at home mom and Derek was the bread winner for the family.  The family lived off the money that Derek brought home each week. The funds collected with help the family pay for upcoming expenses and help them afford everyday necessities as Teagan is not currently employed. 

Your support will be greatly appreciated by Teagan and her children. They will be extremely grateful for any help you can provide at this very difficult time. As a community, we can help them take the first steps in what will be their new normal."